Brick Production Crisis

Brick – the most ancient building material, with a history spanning thousands of years. In this case, for such a long period, he not only kept its shape, but today is a leader in construction. Russia and well as the rest of the world face a crisis. This crisis is observed in all industries, including construction. What awaits the production of bricks in the future and whether to invest in construction of brick factories? If we consider the past 50 years, we can clearly see that during this period of crisis in the manufacture of bricks was only once in the nineties. This crisis coincided with the infamous default and lasted about a year. However, none of the brickworks, produce quality and competitive brick was not stopped. Why did this happen?

The fact that the brick – consumer goods, such as food, petrol and shoe. And even in those days, when commercial construction stopped (and how they do not stay at such a high price per square meter), owner-driver continues to build. Who’s house, who is a garage, who parked room. Everyone in the shower construction and building is always, even during wars and floods. Therefore, investment in construction of brick factories pay off at all times, and will be profitable and pay off in future. However, the brick produced using different technologies and they are not all equally effective. The main parameters of each technology is the cost of bricks and the payback period of construction. Consider the existing technologies.

Plastic Cards

Smart card – a new concept for the modern man, but those who have already once used its services, able to appreciate its advantages. They represent a standard-sized plastic cards with embedded electronic chip, which usually consists of a microprocessor, operating system, control device and encoded data access its memory. These cards have a high degree of protection data, reliability and broad application. Compares smart card and magnetic cards Smart cards have replaced the traditional magnetic cards, but compared with them have some significant advantages. 1. Production of maps done in a professional printing equipment in compliance with all international standards. It is rather complicated and expensive process beyond the power of small companies. 2. The process protects the card is multistage. The first stage – built a unique code which is unique for each chip. Even if the cards issued corporate big party, the personal identification code is sent separately to each user. 3. The second stage of protection is installed in issuing cards to the user. The database recorded some secret PIN-codes, which are known only to the cardholder. In the event of loss of a smart card (loss, theft or damage), the owner must notify the bank and the banking system will block access to any transactions on this card. Attempt to use to block the card will not bring any result. To work with a smart – cards do not need a permanent access to the authorization center, it can be implemented in the off-line.

Software UnitECO

Hardware-software solution to network digital video surveillance system UnitECO dvs is a set of video surveillance and digital video. Security Complex, established on the basis of this decision, allows for video and audio recording, both at geographically distributed sites, as well as on local sites in critical areas. The basis of this system are the server station with preinstalled Linux and Software UnitECO dvs. This software has all necessary functionality integrated surveillance system and allows you to use the server as a separate set of video surveillance without the organization of additional jobs. Networked digital video surveillance UnitECO dvs provides the ability to install client workstations UnitECO L-Client (based on oc Linux) and UnitECO W-Client (based oc Windows HE).

It is possible to use for remote work job Stations party on the basis of oc Windows. Key features of software and hardware solutions UnitECO DVS: Operational audiocontrol video surveillance and controlled the situation on site; Various recording video: Continuous, Alarm, Motion, an event on the schedule; Search video archive by date, time and events, Drafting operational reports on the situation at the facilities, events, actions. They can be e-mailing to addresses; backup important video data to the archive on cd, DVD; Export video to removable media (flash, HDD); Digital video surveillance restrict access to the functions of the server software. The main advantage of this solution is the possibility of deeper integration with other products UnitECO, which provides the necessary monitoring of protection for businesses of any size and type.