Common European Framework

Coating is coated on both sides of the cardboard, so the finished sheet has two "face" of the surface. Classification of coated paperboard for the European classification of coated board is divided into three types: SBB (SBS), FBB and WLC. SBB (SBS) – Solid Bleached Board (Sulphate) is a single board density of 185 – 390 g/m2, made of bleached pulp and having unilateral or bilateral coated finish. FBB – Folding Boxboard – hromerzats. This board weighing 170-850 g/m2, consisting of three layers: a liner contains the pulp, the upper and lower layers are made from bleached chemical pulp. Coating is usually carried out on both sides of the cardboard. WLC – White lined Chipboard (GD-1 or GD-2) – recycled coated board made completely from recycled stock or with the addition of wood pulp.

To insert a cheap used paperboard, the upper and lower layers – from high-quality waste paper. Coating is performed as one, and on both sides. In addition to the Common European Framework exists and German, in which the entire board is divided into four groups: uncoated (UD), paperboard made from primary fibers (GC), duplex (GD) and triplex (GT). Marking is carried out by the manufacturer. By Russian standards, coated paperboard is denoted by the letter "M" and several others, indicate the additional features. For example, M – cardboard, coated on the top layer of bleached pulp, INR – cardboard coated on the basis of unbleached, MO – coated oblozhechny. The advantages of coated cardboard, and its application Coated Paperboard favorably with conventional, first of all, appearance. Cast Coating gives it an almost mirror shine, reduces the porosity of the surface layer, which ensures the best result in Print application: on the surface of board quality remains a vivid image.

Due to their properties, coated paperboard is widely used for a variety of products: kits for child development and art, board games, printing products. And, of course, one of the uses of coated paperboard production is the packaging. Cardboard hromerzats widely used in the manufacture of packaging Food, medicines, CDs, accessories computers and accessories, as well as for home appliances small size. Usually on the outer side of the box is put out hromerzatsa printing or another image. For larger items used in packing box cardboard, which has more than hromerzatsa, thickness and weight of 170-2500 g/m2. High-quality coated board – indispensable material for gift wrapping. The special requirements for qualities such as whiteness and surface smoothness, printability and the possibility of high-gloss finish. In the manufacture of food packaging important stability to the outer carton of physical and chemical effects, such as moisture, zhironepronitsaemost. These qualities are achieved by applying a one of the sides of a special coating. Thus, coated board is one of the most popular material for manufacturing various types of packaging. Its smooth white surface ensures high-quality printing and gives the finished product attractive form.

Working from Home

For the normal organization of work at home, everything is important, but in the first place – the workplace. For me, it should be just a workplace, rather than a sofa or bed. On the couch you can flip through friend-feed or just check already made work. While the bulk of even remote work should take place exactly on the equipped workplace. Let it be a coffee table, rack cabinet, folding table, or just stand for a laptop – it location should encourage a working mood. No knitting in the box next to cookies in a vase or nedosmotrennogo glossy magazine. These pleasant, but such trifles home relaxing, and prevent the focus on work.

Operating time should be more or less the same. It is better to work in the same time, it does not matter – from one o'clock to three, with five to eight or twelve the night until morning, but I noticed that the process goes faster if you choose an optimal time and try to stick with it. Flexible schedule and remote work – it certainly is beautiful. But my, and apparently not just my body "get used" to work at one time to rest – into another. A break of habit body's own fraught with troubles.

Need at least one day off. Commit themselves to this day do not even touch a computer (unless it turns out, vylazhu still in LJ). Remote work so dangerous and what makes forget about legal holidays, while office workers bask on the couch watching TV or wander through the parks, swim in the sea or eat ice cream at the cafe. Diary – a great thing. More convenient to use program, reminders, such as Outlook. These simple little things in this remote work effectively to help organize your day, do not forget the date, unfinished lyrics or unfinished projects. And recall that time leave the soup alone, and do the work. Up to now teach their pets, that if the work is remote – it's the same job as the office. I think it's important that your work schedule, workplace respect.

Disk Management

The remaining sections break after you install Windows system utility "Disk Management" that we will discuss later. Format the disc to the file system is NTFS. And wait until the installation is complete. In this case, Setup will copy files to the media, set up external devices and creating folders. During installation, the computer will be re loaded more than once. In process the installer program prompts you to select from the drop-down list of time zones, languages, keyboard, how to change keyboard shortcuts, user and administrator passwords, computer name and workgroup. If it is difficult to answer questions related to installing a network is to skip these steps, you can return to them after verification settings from your network administrator. Also during installation, you may be proposed to introduce operating system code.

Typically, activation data were written on the box with instructions in the installation disc to disc. This will be the case if the disk with the program was purchased from authorized dealers. But like I understand a little of this and if you have already decided to save money on software when buying a computer a hundred percent free'll find a way to install. After a short wait time operating system installed. Now on to the installation drivers for your configuration.

We will understand that this driver. Driver (English driver) (plural drivers) – a computer program, through which another program (usually the operating system) is access to the hardware of a device. In general, for any device (both external and internal) driver is required.

AXIA Livewire

Today we can confidently say that for several years to complete the transition studios from analog to digital storage, mixing, processing and distribution of audio signals. So today should be have a method of switching, which would make it easy, efficient, flexible and cheap. The company Telos Systems (USA) in search of such technologies looked at the world of computers and telephones. This gave the opportunity to take advantage of all variety of products and achievements in these sectors in the field of audio. When using Ethernet is a lot of sense. Ethernet allows to combine several channels of digital audio and ancillary data and transmit them over a single cable. These data can be quite simple, such as command from the audio player, or such as file transfer, electronic mail, web communications, etc. For sound transmission in Ethernet environment Telos Systems company at the beginning of the XXI century has developed special protocol, which today is dreaming, perhaps, every station technical director, Livewire.

It allows you to transmit real-time audio-related data (PAD) and control signals devices via Ethernet. Simultaneously, the same network can be used to send messages of individual files and other information. In the network Livewire audio is not compressed using RSMkodirovanie 48 kHz/24 bit, and the terminals are dynamic range greater than 100 dB, THD of less than 0.005% and headroom to +24 dBu. Livewire protocol allows you to transfer up to 25 stereo 100BaseT network and up to 250 stereo signals in both directions for Ethernet-channel and with speed of 1 Gb / sec. May apply different physical environment TCP / IP, including optical communication channel using appropriate media converters. Cascading encoders and network capacity provided by managed switches in the third level, which can transmit data to control the EM-processor, RDS-encoder, transmitter, and so on. To us familiar analog or digital audio snared Livewire, a equipment AXIA (the company is part of the TLS CORP). The whole system is designed to build AXIA radio stations of all sizes for Ethernet-based network. In the matter of signal we are interested in the hardware units of the system AXIA so-called "nodes" that are the interface between analog and digital audio and network Livewire.