Water With Lots Of Limestone. Harmful Or Helpful ?

Calcium – one of the most important elements of the human body. Overestimate the role of calcium in the life of the human body is difficult. Of elements-metals calcium is important, not only in quantitative but also in functionally. Its main location is the accumulation of the skeletal system. The very name of calcium comes from the Latin calcis – lime, "soft rock". It has been suggested that British chemist Hemfi Davy, who in 1808 received calcium metal electrochemically by electrolysis of a mixture of wet lime with mercuric oxide HgO at a platinum cathode. In nature, calcium is found in the composition of such minerals as limestone SCO3, anhydrite and gypsum CSO4 CSO4 2H2O, fluorite, CF2, apatite Ca5 (PO4) 3 (F, Cl, OH), dolomite, MgCO3 SCO3.

The share of calcium is 3.38% of the mass of the crust (5-th place in prevalence after oxygen, silicon, aluminum and iron). Due to the high reactivity calcium free form in nature is not found. Most of the calcium contained in the silicates and aluminosilicates of different rocks (granites, gneiss, etc.). In the form of sedimentary rock calcium compounds are chalk and limestone, composed mostly of the mineral calcite (CCO3). Crystalline form of calcite – marble – found in nature is much less common. Calcium is the most common major elements in the human body, most of it contained in the skeleton and teeth in the form of phosphates. Calcium compounds are found in virtually all animal and plant tissues.

End Engine

If it's not a very serious cold, the serviceable and properly adjusted engine is started quickly and easily. To start the engine, it would be nice to start turning crankshaft. When the starter is cranking hard to crank, and topped with butter corresponds to the season – look at the ceiling is included in the cabin – if it is almost extinguished in the start-up – most likely to blame the battery: it is either living out his or severely depleted. Less likely causes: bad contact on battery terminals or shorting winding starter – though it is not excluded. A slight change in filament lamps ceiling suggests that it is necessary clean up the power contacts traction relay or collector starter, replacing the same time his brush and the rotor hub (if necessary) When starting a cold engine standing for night it happens: The engine starts immediately, but at the same stalls, at the second attempt, or start or hard – preferably before the start, pumped gasoline into the carburetor manually clean contacts breaker, install a normal gap between them or an earlier ignition, replacement spark plugs or restore normal gap between their electrodes. If the car is manual transmission choke (such as the wha, not including later models) you need to pull out the drive flap to the end and not otherwise, otherwise will be covered with candles and petrol engine will not start. Usually helps the next version – Remove the choke (ie sink drive), gently press the pedal to the and scroll to the end of the engine, sometimes the engine may run if this does not happen again, take out the drive suction to the end and again repeat the run (do not forget to squeeze the clutch pedal) without touching the gas pedal If the reason was the engine to start.