Manual Technician

Valley to detach that some declare that if they could not if would use of the trust therefore for these when the plantation is separate fact makes possible a rotation enters the culture of the beans and the same maize in one ground becoming the income biggest and facilitating the use of the machines. It is important to stand out that the Bank of Brazil, greater source of financings of the small producers of the city, cut to the investments for that joins plants it of the beans with the maize. The justification of the bank is that the trust finishes confusing the income them cultures. The maize its development is extremely demanding beyond shading the beans thus compromising. COMMERCIALIZATION not the organization of the agriculturists in any associativista system, the majority of the states of the federacy, the dispersion and the small size of the producing beans establishments, leaves the vulnerable and dependent productive sector of the performance of some types of intermediate and contributes, usually, for the degradation of the yield of the agriculturist and for the rise of the distribution cost.

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Venezuelan Scene And The Function Of Markets II

The worse enemy is a too much prolonged happiness. Jewish proverb We insisted on indicating the relevance that the management of markets must take step to new functions that the department of markets must develop, in order to guarantee a dynamic competition that favors to the company in the positioning, demand of the product that it offers. In the analysis of this subject through forum that the chair of Marketing research of the program of postgraduate of the specialty of management of the quality and Productivity of Phases, University of Carabobo that it develops for these subjects in his virtual classroom, opinions are exposed that allow to evaluate the reach and importance of entering themselves in which in the present it is due to have as for the function of markets. In this opportunity another opinion is pronounced and they occur to know some suggestions in order to determine the important thing to evaluate the reality Venezuelan in which to trade it concerns. It indicates Mayra Jaramillo, that at the moment, the organizations are undergoing the consequences of the economic policies generated by the Chief of State Venezuelan, which has taken, them to define strategies that allow him, mainly to maintain the clients, such as, change of product presentation or renovation of image present, but often, have been seen in the necessity to change raw materials for of smaller price or with greater facility of acquisition (national), which, can bring consequently, a diminution in the quality of the product, in order to maintain one of the P of more important trade at the present moments which we lived in the country, the price. It is difficult for the organizations, mainly for the SMEs, to make products of high quality and to compete with great located transnational organizations in the country, because first, they do not count with the economic capital for mainly, to concern raw materials, machineries, technology, materials that affect the productive processes, besides not counting on forces of sales and advertising strategies that positions its products in the present and potential markets.