The Things

The thought of intuitiva intelligence is represented by the imediatista perception, without many explanations, leaving clearly that in this period the notion of conservation and change occurs in the field of its visual perception more not of the assimilative one. The new, soon is not accomodated and transformed into knowledge, to little is that it will be internalizado in agreement its performance, manipulation on the object and its biological maturation. In the field of intuitiva intelligence, the child makes use of the imagination and itself to explain the things and the events. As she affirmed Piaget, the children do not reason as the adults, them need worked boardings differentiated when being in the development of its educational learning. In this logic, the game consists in expression and condition for the infantile development, the children when they play assimilate rules and can transform the reality.

When devaluating the natural and spontaneous movement of the child, the structuralized and legalized knowledge ignores the educative dimensions of the trick and the game as rich and powerful form to stimulate the constructive activity of the child. children are more motivated to use intelligence, therefore they want to play well; being thus, they are strengthenn to surpass obstacles, cognitivos how much in such a way emotional. Being more motivated during the game, they are more active mentally. (KISHIMOTO, 2003, P. 96.) It is always good that if it looks for to extend, the experiences of the child in the physical environment, individually and with other children and the active game the child. It is excellent to demonstrate that the game beyond developing the basic abilities of the child, can still develop other characteristics in the educational work, as well as the anxiety, the limits, makes possible the autonomy, develops rhythm perception, increases the attention and the concentration, develops anticipation and strategy, extends the logical reasoning, to develop the creativity, socializes for the collective.

The Meaning

Already the cause of this I shake and never the phenomenon for he himself I think to be the human possible way of affirmation of the nature of the awaken feeling. Therefore, here it is, from the displayed one, the possible reply to second: We are objects of us exactly; e, in 5 theses, we saw that we attribute to objects one meaning becomes it to this, for we ourselves, 6 significant ; The same process I think to occur with the object the one that we judge to be the Other, and nor would have reason thus not to be, a given time had it has accepted to the asseveraes of the previous paragraphs. When we relate the values that we attribute to we ourselves with the attributed values to the Other, also object of our perception; e, when already established the due and necessary valorativa relation, we finish for judging inferiors the values corresponding, I think terms the event of it I shake emotivo then called Shame or Constaint. Certainly it is not to this instant of our reflection that I try to arrive, but to other not less excellent and curious. For the made reasoning, we are, fortiori, led to conclude that we are not in ownership of a good linguistic statement when we say the same that the young of my comment, what it is: ' ' I have shame of it ' '. Therefore, as we saw, in them he is not possible the shame of the other; before, he remains us only this statement the one that I judge perfectly adequate: I feel shame of what I believe that I am ahead of what I think you to be. Therefore only ahead of you while values for me projected; projected as superior is that I will feel immediate shame of me. Of this if it follows that when more we are not capable to tolerate the meaning for us attributed to we ourselves; also for us rank in relation with those 7 values that they become significant the object of our conscience, we despertamos I believe that a disequilibrium in the emotividade, thus leaving the Trvia 8 for that specific one I shake above-mentioned.

The Difference Between Prepaid And Postpaid Cellular

Most users of prepaid mobile phones know all about prepaid. Prepaid is from “pre-” to advance and “paid” paid for together. In contrast, postpaid will then (in English “post” paid). With a prepaid cell phone, the balance will be charged, that is, you can request to buy credits for the wireless card. Within a period, this credit will be phoned or simply for other mobile services such as Short Message Service (SMS) are used. Depending on the provider, there is the balance in various sizes to buy, and for some sellers are more assets on average cheaper than smaller ones. In most cases there are prepaid no contract or minimum term for the contract. The charge, which is otherwise not applicable in mobile phone contracts. Postpaid tariffs with basic charge, however designated, as those with a binding contract. You buy that is not in advance like a prepaid phone for a credit card, but uses the services of agency for the account.

Postpaid tariffs are comparable with the clearance of the fixed structure: there too, there is a basic fee plus the cost of individual calls. As with the fixed network, there are also some sellers on postpaid flat rates in certain networks. Which fare for the customer in question comes, it must decide for themselves. Important points are primarily a function such as network, good cost control and flexibility. Depending on how much and in which one phone networks, different types of fares to be best for you.