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With Jeremy there is not much to say, we have been watching from the beginning of League and not I know what will think the coach, but yes I think that we could make a good pair, the defence has pointed to. Although the reappearance of Toulalan is unknown since you continue working apart from their peers. The midfielder has just experienced improvement in their bone edema in left foot and still working in the gym.This Thursday against Rayo Vallecano, Pellegrini weighs give continuity to Demichelis although Chilean technician usually always exit in the rose garden with a cutting more offensive midfield. The encounter before Jose Ramon Sandoval, malaguista costumes set trusts that serve to extend the streak of results. With point harvested in the fortress of Real Madrid, the template has also won dose of morality to face the following parties. The tie not only helps us in math, also in the spiritual part. But it would be in vain to be elated by the performance in 48 hours when we have a game with the lightning, a team that is three points in Europe.

Excess of euphoria should be for the fan of the Malaga, he underlined.We must focus on the Party of the beam, will be more motivated and it will be a struggle to the end with the Levant, and within a few days perhaps T-shirt Spain involved some more, added the player, who has warned that trust will end below, by what appeals to be concentrated to achieve the goal.For Demichelis, the fourth player with more minutes – 2.118 – this season after Willy, Cazorla and Toulalan, believed that the philosophy of Pellegrini will slowly curdling. We are much more complete as equipment in the two areas, with an offensive turnover and most of the parties being dominant. Trying to keep possession of the ball and that is important for a team that tries to be big. The coach maintained his philosophy and his way of raising parties. He instilled us to exit the same way to all fields and over time it is giving results, it has secured.The Argentine white parish sent a help message before the beam: the hobby is key, we always thank you and we ask you to feel the opponent that are visiting. We are on the right track, but not for being local and coming winning the T-shirt Atletico Madrid matches should fall into the mistake that we already won the match against Ray. It will be grueling, closed to the end, you will have to have patience and we hope that they support the ninety minutes, it has an Apostille.


Without wishing to become a restrictive classification, the following types of behaviors can be highlighted:. Type star. It is the individual who by temperament or natural inclination tends to represent the managerial functions or co directives within the group. Even this type of persons they may feel uncomfortable when they must undergo the address of another Member of the team. When circumstances put the individual star alien to address tasks, at least formally, it will try to develop spaces for their own leadership, so it may be a hindrance to the evolution of the meeting or activity which the Group intends to carry forward. Appear the conflicts between a formal leadership and other natural. This type of circumstance can be easy or complex solution, depending on the capabilities of the leaders to confront their ideas and work together. . The mass type. It is the receptive member of the group who undergoes in the action or in the criteria the influence of the leader, although not by this is due understand how the passive type. Generally, this is the most common and abundant in the groups typology. It becomes also the platform that underpins the leader Summit and its possibilities of action. Although it may be a natural tendency to underestimate the role that plays this type of individual, you need to understand the importance of his presence in the Group and the potential that can be injected at any meeting. This of course implies the need to know and appreciate the natural endowments of each Member of the group. Thus rests with the responsibility leader of not considering each type mass as a number but as a person with abilities and potentialities. . The listless type. It is perhaps for many more strange types of conduct, because it appears in the foreground that is not part of the group. However, there are though not may note is always minimum motivations to join the group, though his attitude is that of a remarkable indifference to what others are doing as a group. They tend to be less numerous than mass types but not why you should leave the effort to incorporate them. Many can be the reasons that lead to this attitude requires an approach of leader and, with much understanding, seek strategies to stimulate its action and its participation. . The discordant type. The leader must be attentive to the occurrence of this type of behaviour, because their presence can become not only discomfort factor during the meeting, but out of control can lead to dissolution of the group. This discordant type sometimes has no more solution than the be removed from the group, although this can be a complex task depending on the conditions in which appears. Attitudes that characterize it are usually negative, systematic and priori, critics charged emotional reactions and expressions as cynical. Basic to direct premises meetings taking conscience that the General characteristics of groups and their members seen as individuals, are part of the critical factors to ensure the success of any meeting, it can be said that the work of the leader in the various meetings of the group is not the simple witness who points out the mistakes and successes of each Member and of the collectivity. On the contrary more protagonist, must feel with a mission by his role of stimulator of feelings and attitudes encauzador both his role as moderator of relationships and reactions. It is important that the group possesses an authentic animator who is able to compensate, guide and raise ideas and assessments, as well as offering sufficient energies to prevent inaction or stagnation of the Group at all times. Despite this, you should know some types of leadership that can be effective or necessary according to the circumstances of each group and each time. . Autocratic type. It corresponds to one who wishes at all times impose its criteria and its determination by considering it better than all the other options. It leaves little room to the reflective capabilities of the other members of the group. Relationships are established in a hierarchical manner with a strong dose of respect for established authority. The vision of the world is vertical and the actions are governed by the reference frameworks and models that the authority defines. . Liberal type. It is defined by flexible, open, somewhat conformist who understands the group as a platform for free expression in where everything has the same value and where everyone must respect the ideas and procedures of others. What more is supported is expository or merely informative, formula where each should be informed of the consequences of the acts themselves and be ready to act with greater freedom. . Type Democrat. It emerges as a choice away from the autocratic and Liberal, positions understands the authority as a service and has to cope in formulas of orientation, discrimination and animation in accordance with default schemas. Instead of imposing or simple exposure, prefers the proposition, which equates to draw several paths of action but noting that is considered preferable with practical reasons and assessments objective. Whatever it typology that assumes the leader of the Group during the meeting, the important thing is to take care of the correspondence between this and the individuals that make up the group. The qualities of the leader of the meeting will be largely in time to solve the problems that arise and make effective and acceptable conclusions reached them. Some of these important qualities that determine the conduct of the group are:. Know how to listen to everyone. . Wanting to respect all. . Maintain clarity of ideas on the subject of the meeting. . Have capacity for synthesis. . Be with open provisions that provoked the cordiality. . Demonstrate great sense of Justice and fairness. . Promote a true ancestor of respect in relationship to the members of the group. These basic conditions of the leader of a meeting are maintained throughout the process. Additionally, who assumes the direction of a meeting you must have clear its leadership role and the way how it can manifest it, according to the circumstances. Sometimes will be animator of the I am looking the way that participants express themselves, collaborate, enrich others with their particular gifts. Do not miss the opportunity which is reduced to mere witness, who becomes aware of the majority opinions that stand out among the various criteria set out. Sometimes you must become rector or true director of the meeting, proposing objectives that must be achieved, and at the same time exhibitor or Rapporteur of the means are available, to ensure that they act in the consciousness of the present. Up to be converted in moderator or referee of the meeting, demanding the compliance with the rules previously agreed upon, since the interior of the meeting or coming from foreign bodies. The evaluation of the meeting will be also interesting that meetings are subject to an immediate review on the procedures used therein, with a view to improving future meetings and an assessment and subsequent review based on the findings and formulated agreements. In times where there is a real inflation of meetings of all kinds and where warns as a social trend the inconstancy in the implementation of the agreements, the finding of appropriate modes of assessment should be the leaders the importance objectively deserve. Forms, times and evaluation mechanisms will vary significantly with the type of meeting concerned and members who come into play as executors of what has been agreed. Original author and source of the article.

Ifolge Claus Conradsen

2012-kl. 9: 57 – af: Henrik Christensen-Artiklen er laest 1826 gange.NY beregning fra Spar Nord viser, at der er flere penge en nubess ved en Ltd. solceller pa end ved en investere aktier i taget. Fortsat stigende energipriser gor solceller mere book end nogensinde og banken opfordrer boligejere til at okonomiske fordele ved selv at producere without strom overveje. Aktieinvestering er blandt de mest almindelige tiltag i bestraebelserne pa en opna et afkast af without formue, men nu viser en beregning, at afkastet pa solceller slar aktier ny.

I lobet seneste af 10 ar har de danske nike lunar eliteaktier i C20-indekset i gennemsnit givet et afkast pa 6 procent om aret. Et vil solcelleanlaeg imidlertid give et afkast pa naesten 8 procent om over at 10 aryg periode aret. Det viser en ny fra Spar Nord, boligansvarlige Claus Conradsen bankens og beregning peger stigende energipriser som et afgorende forhold pa: Nar priserne pa fortsaetter med en energi stige, sa besparelsen eller afkastet ved at producere energien selv hele tiden storre feature. Og hvis du kober et solcelleanlaeg i dag, svarer nike free sko til, at far afkast pa naesten et du besparelsen 8 procent af penge, du har investeret i anlaegget, siger Claus Conradsen. Dertil kommer, Nike Free Run at et solcelleanlaeg giver et relativt stabilt afkast, mens afkastet pa eksempelvis kan svinge fra ar ar, fortsaetter til voldsomt aktier have. Claus Conradsen understreger dog, en aktieinvestering giver mulighed for savel et vaesentligt hojere som afkast afhaengig af timingen for kob og sales lavere. Solceller i portefoljen Ifolge Claus Conradsen giver det i dag god mening para boligejerne en anskue solceller investering, der kan supplere investering i okonomisk som mere traditionelle aktiver som aktier og obligationer. Et godt investeringsrad er en sprede sine investeringer, og med udsigten til fortsat stigende energipriser giver det god mening en tage solceller og i det hele taget af boligen med overvejelserne i energirenovering.