In some houses, the roosters of the poultry cacarean and cacarean out of bed to Mary; Josefa to all those that have decided to take your child to the hospital, in some others is the alarm clock that fulfils this mission or maybe the news implacables of RPP, but whatever form all madrugan with a common objetivo pass query in the hospital. Breakfast forget us! ask for analysis of repente and you should be on an empty stomach, it is the pious pretext to hide a flaw that increases every day and suddenly already on the street some covering on foot algunas blocks that separate the House from the: hospital i 10 or 12a blocks! Total caminar is good for the heart and for the (River. some other tight as sardines in the micros claiming the change that you want to grab the cobrador: but one way or another are already at the door of the hospital still cold, the sun still does not appear among the nubes, the mist is still eyeing the amanecer), but already in the door. In the queue to obtain ticket comenTan the adventures that have passed para get there with the innocent belief that already have lived through everything, the topics of conversation are exhausted yet not move queue, primer shift workers begin arriving presurosos, joyless and some malhumorados, pass off white, light blue and continue to go: others of celestialWhite begin to leave, will be in micro, ie go to foot, but will be: are those of the third shift and mira looking and suddenly Wham! movement: from the cola of the ticket to the box, then get the history then to the triage. Shoving, maldiciones tail and more tail, len-cough annoying cashiers, neglected, auxiliary Secretaries malcriadas, there is the historia, we must bring folder etc. time follows through, then it’s always a white Miss arrives late and hace throughout the proceedings quickly are recommended! Maria.

Fast Reading

I.e., that when we see a poster, or the cover of a newspaper when we go walking, immediately read it, without thinking that we’re doing. However, the reading is a process that consists of several steps. The reading process consists of four steps, which Wikipedia clearly explains. This way of slipping that have eyes, is known as a saccade movement. The speed of this displacement is relatively constant for most people.

Another factor that influences the speed of reading, has to do with identification of read words, that will depend on the breadth and variety of vocabulary of the reader and their knowledge about the topic in question. That is, we pronounced the words, with the mouth or mentally, and so the information becomes the sight of speech. This habit is called vocalization and subvocalizacion of reading, and is one of the most frequent enemies of fast reading. This step is unconscious in the majority of cases. In this step the ideas are understood, and guaran in memory for its use future.

These are the steps of the traditional reading. However, this process is met does not mean that reading is effective, and much less a fast reading. The effective reading, is to understand and learn what the author says. Fast reading, is an effective reading which also uses different techniques to read at a much higher than normal rate. Apply these techniques consciously each time you read, will these replace your bad habits and are part of his usual reading process. Fast reading process, seeks to delete the second and third step of traditional reading process. One of the keys of fast reading, is to choose a suitable place to read, well ventilated and free of distractions and unwanted interruptions. Another frequent technique of fast reading is going quickly through the view on the text, and stop only when key prayers are detected to understand the main idea of the paragraph. In some cases also be can go skipping filler sentences or less important. For fast reading bookmarks or guides are also used Visual to guide the movement of eyes at a major and constant speed. To this end, hand, finger, a pencil, a ruler, etc can be used. It will be one of the best decisions you can take at this time, not only for personal satisfaction, but also for their professional success.

South American Dakar

After five years since their first participation, Jose M Garcia, returns to the Dakar. In this Edition, by Argentine and Chilean lands, it will try to repeat the success of 2006 and end the ordeal. Madrid pilot, after months of intense preparations, search for sponsors and hard workouts will take exit 1 January next from Buenos Aires in the third edition of the South American Dakar. Madrid pilot, after months of intense preparations, search for sponsors and hard workouts will take exit 1 January next from Buenos Aires in the third edition of the South American Dakar. Apart from Touratech, other sponsors who collaborate in their 2011 Dakar adventure are BMA (Burgos Mototurismo and rental), BMW Iberica, Salami, Maquiusa, serigraphy palaces and LS2 Helmets. Jose Maria: the truth is that for an amateur pilot to reach the exit of a Dakar is almost harder than the own career. For this reason, I would like to thank all the companies and people who support me in this adventure: thanks for your help.