Despite this, some suppliers may still have pity on you and give good conditions. But that's not all. Even if you are able to offer consumers low prices, you still start difficulties overcome are not everyone's strength. For example, commodity-transport logistics. Successful online shop is valuable reputation. And under the reputation we mean not only a quality product and price, but the level of service that store provides its customers.

It is also necessary to take into account the human factor. Your messenger may be, dishonest or manager is not enough rastoropen and it can destroy your fledgling business. But many of those who still at risk and trying to grow a flower in a fertile land, and even if they succeed, the trees grow some curves and give a worm-eaten fruit. There are many, but they do not bring no benefits to its owners do not market as a whole. They clog up the Internet space, disorient the user, providing him with false and outdated information. Along with the growth of the market inevitably seal of market competition. From all the above can be done concluded to have a little online shop, we must be competitive unit, and it is not easy. And yet, there are projects whose efforts day in and day gave them a chance to grow and develop, and they rapidly increase their momentum in Internet commerce.

One such project is CyberShopper, that ours, in Russian sounds like "Cyber-buyer." The project CyberShopper can not be called online store in the full sense of the word, although the Internet hypermarket, too. CyberShopper – is the first Russian network of narrow industry-specific stores, based on the principle of cross-sectoral identity. What kind of cross-sectoral identity of this? Management of the company CyberShopper interprets the term as a principle of forming a strong relationship between the focused sectoral focus, united by the concept. In general, it is understandable, but it sho specifically they had in mind? Let's try understand. Today this project has in its structure 10 Internet shops, design studios and forge Internet solutions. Each of the Internet stores plays a role within the industry, the hypermarket. If a store runs the industry's Hi-fi and Hi-end equipment for cars, in its product category list will be submitted to the entire range of products, most well-known brands and not very active in this sector. In other words, each of the stores Network CyberShopper, offers a potential consumer all possible in the industry products and services. "They are so different, yet they are together" – I think many will remember this slogan of one of the players of the beer market. But with Project CyberShopper the same story. All stores have identical corporate identity, a single administrator's menu and merged with each other online threads. It is for this and is positioning itself as a company network. At the head office company employs young experts in the field of management, marketing, design and programming. In addition, the company fully utilizes its resources to develop its own network, it also provides services and outside organizations, including government structures. Such companies in the future required to establish and strengthen yet weak ties consumers and online stores and make the market more civilized.

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The solution is the combination of popular tools of trade can be ordered right positions in the catalog. Reliable suppliers of tools offer free catalogs with price lists, so expensive or rare items can be purchased as they are in demand by buyers. One of the suppliers of tools, tooling, welding equipment, household equipment is “Cyber”. For 20 years she has successfully supplying goods as manufacturing and construction organizations and retail outlets. The company offers more than 6000 kinds of products: metal cutting, measuring, grinding, small tools and power tools from leading manufacturers. Wide assortment llc “Cyber” can satisfy even the most demanding customers. The choice of serious and responsible suppliers allows you to solve another problem – a guarantee of product quality. Often it is they take on this responsibility in connection with which there is no need to solve the problem directly with manufacturers – domestic and foreign. With a reliable supplier of cases returning faulty goods virtually eliminated, which means there will be no incidents with customers. Nevertheless, to address contentious issues in the store should have a printout of the law on consumer protection.

When contacting buyers this document will help determine who is guilty of a fault: the manufacturer or the owner of the instrument. Knowing the basic rules and establish contacts with suppliers, you can successfully start your own business, which will be based selling tool. Range will adjust over time – the experience will show what the product claimed more than others, and which are purchased from case to case. Any good entrepreneur should make sure that goods were of good quality, the supplier gave them a guarantee, and the sellers could advise customers on the submitted on the counter instruments. Courteous service and respect are very important, because without them even if there is a wide range of goods shop will not get regular customers, upon which a substantial part of income. Thus, the main components of a successful business are successful location outlet, reliable suppliers, a rich assortment of products and professional sales consultants. And, of course, have great value prices: the major “cheat” will give more profit from each sales tool, but reasonable price will attract more customers.

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Perhaps you have a baby in the family came, and maybe your child already adolescence, it does not matter, because the focus is important at any age. And of course you dream to become a perfect parent. When our children begins feel that their parents are just sore losers, we are ready to do anything for them: going to work better, or agree to additional work. The problem arises when you want to spend more time with their children, but to go to work to provide for his family. Nowadays there are so many families where both parents work, and this means that children spend less time with their parents longer communicating with strangers: a nanny, a preschool or home alone when the older kids. If you work all the time, it does to mean that you're a bad parent. The very fact that you're concerned about quality of life for your children, this means that you are a good and caring parent. However, there way to get the best out of life.

Possible and with the children to spend time and money to earn, and as long as you get on your job, working full-time employment. The recipe is simple – MLM business on the Internet. Before you say that already have tried network marketing and this has not led to anything good, you should know that today, mlm business is very different from the business, which existed a few years ago. Now before MLM business owners discovered cyberspace, and there are many more ways to promote your business online. All very different, not as it was before. C Investment Partners listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Another advantage of network marketing on the Internet is that it is inexpensive or even completely free! Why the Internet is a great tool for network marketing? Because you will be able to attract a larger audience, not just those who live in your area.

If you live in a sparsely populated town, so you do not have a potentially large customer base, and the chance to lead melt away like smoke. But even if you live in a big city, you can still face the problem of recruitment partners, or search for customers. With the advent of the Internet has changed beyond recognition, because now you can reach out to everyone who has a computer anywhere in the world. Thus, the number of potential customers increases many times over! And if you can so quickly connect with more people, then your MLM business on the Internet will grow more intense, and you start earning money quickly. So if you are looking for a way to become a good a parent, you should think about creating your MLM business on the Internet, because it is a great way to earn serious money and at the same time to spend with my family a lot of time. I wish you great success!


When producers were beginning to make the episode was broadcast on a news report about children who had written the script for an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. Steven Spielberg, the creator of the program, received a copy of the script and liked it so much I use the ideas, and even took the boys to Hollywood to continue contributing writers. Adam I. Lapidus saw the report and thought the idea would be great to meet Bart and Lisa.
Lapidus wrote a script and call Dave Davis for his opinion on it. A Davis liked the idea and the way to James L. Brooks, who also likes the idea and contacted the writers of The Simpsons, who agreed to hire Lapidus to write the episode entirely. This was the only episode he wrote, so there have been arguments between Fans of the series are debating whether Lapidus is a real writer. Lapidus found the mother-in-law of a debate on an Internet forum in which they discussed whether Lapidus really exist, as its name does not appear in another episode. This issue was also discussed on the main writer of the series, John Swartzwelder . Being a prisoner does not appear in social comments DVD, fans have made the theory that “John Swartzwelder is just a nickname that other writers use when they do not want to include their names in the scripts .
Initially, this episode was denasiado short, so the writers had to use any method that lasts the minimum allowed. Even after that spread widely in the original Lapidus and added a long couch gag of the episode was one minute shorter than usual. To fix this, the producers decided to try something different, adding a short section devoted to Ned Flanders at the end of the episode. Was done only to fill time and has no relation to the other events of the episode. Mike Reiss said, “As always, when trying to do something bold and new, the general reaction is’ What the hell was that” This scene was also a reference to the Archie comics, which are often used this technique to fill up the last page. The animation used in this scene is also a tribute to Archie comics. The short, later, inspired by Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein to produce the seventh season episode of the 22 Short Films About Springfield .
The censors had two complaints about the episode: the scene in which Bart says it sounds like a gun from Santa Claus, and another sequence that was lively, but not included in the final episode. Additional time was a journey that Roger Meyers gives to children in the study, which stopped at the art department. There, the artists are looking at a cat and are trying to design it, one of them puts a bar of dynamite into the mouth of the cat and the lights. As Meyers, Bart and Lisa continue down the corridor, while a cloud of smoke coming out of the room. The scene was edited because the censors objected to the abuse of animals involved .
In the scene in which he shows to all the writers of Itchy and Scratchy, each of the writers appearing are members of the cast who worked on The Simpsons at the time. The idea that self-reference was purely for the animators. In another scene, in which Meyers fired screenwriter andalusia Harvard, this is a caricature of Jon Vitti, another writer of the series .

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