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“Computer hardware – part 15: introduction to the BIOS after we now have flown over, what is the basic input output system (BIOS), we want us the function of the heart piece” yet once a closer look. Should no longer supports the old BIOS versions from Windows 8, but only the new, enlarged EFI-BIOS’. I’m not going up on this here however. Before the operating system is started, the PC must check itself or its hardware. This will be taken over by the BIOS, which then provides his services to the operating system.

With new systems often bypass the BIOS and use its own interface to the hardware. The BIOS is located in a ROM that does not lose its contents when the power is off. Often it is also programmable to play updates. “At that time” had to be soldered yet. Only the BIOS settings are saved by a small battery on the motherboard. Should here something lost, thats too bad, and can be saved after battery replacement. The tasks of the BIOS are right clearly laid out. One is performed directly after switching the power on self test (POST).

This hardware, undergoes as mentioned above, a quick test. For example a defective memory, a missing / defective graphics card or similar usually this BIOS these abuses with a defined beep sequence suggests, the meaning of which can be found on the Internet. This order varies depending on the BIOS manufacturer. The available resources are redistributed, as E.g. interrupts for sound cards, etc. unless they have about plug & play capabilities, what is standard but for some years. The BIOS also provides the connected hard disks and drives and can control the temperature of the CPU. You want to make settings in the BIOS, so you can start POST Setup after, by pressing the “F2” key, “F8” or “Delete”. Depending on the BIOS, this key but also any other may be. In the Setup, many internals of the PCs can be set but not too, whose description much sense. Today a BIOS detects the connected drives by itself, what had to be adjusted often manually for example years ago. Relatively often required, even today, is the setting of the boot order. Here, it can be specified to be booted by what medium first. Current motherboards support booting from USB-sticks. After the BIOS has fixed everything, is looking for the operating system on a disk and started. In the next article, a general introduction to the topic of the store follows. See also: computer hardware – conveys clear – part 1: introduction to computer hardware – understandable conveys – part 2: the real innovations in computer hardware – understandable conveys – part numbering systems computer hardware 3: – clearly conveys – part 4: number systems 2 computer hardware – understood conveys part 5: binary numbers of computer hardware – understood conveys part 6: coding standards computer hardware – understandable conveys part 7: the personal computer computer hardware -. Understood conveys part 8: the basic structure of the CPU computer hardware – to understand the frequency of computer hardware gives – part 9: – clearly conveys – part 10: gives the CPU cache computer hardware – understandably – part 11: gives the CPU cache 2 computer hardware – understandably – part 12: the motherboard computer hardware – understandable conveys – part 13: conveys the mainboard 2 computer hardware – understandable – part 14: motherboard 3 the author Michael Sander also writes articles for pages in his spare time, where for example sofas can be found cheap.

Windows XP Computer

With the help of system restore, you can keep your computer along with files, data and information from the attack of viruses. You can manually restore your system by choosing the restore point in the control panel. Good news for the computer users. Now, you can save your all important data and information from harms as the system restores facility is available. The system restore is the part of Microsoft features. It allows you to roll back your system files, installed programs, local user profiles, Windows file protection file, registry keys and other important components on your computer to a time and date when everything on PC (personal computer) what is functioning well. Apart from this, the com +, IIS metabase, boot files, dynamic system files and WMI databases are restored which are monitored by Windows XP. If something goes horribly wrong in the working of computer system due to the installation of new software application or from infected virus then users can restore or lapse their system back to a particular date and time.

At that time, the system does not function properly. To tackle with these circumstances, the user can attempt to restore back to the good state that rationale just prior to the software installation. Most of the times, it happens when a virus or some spyware infecting home computers then it harms the system. Or suppose that the system is acting up for reasons which the users do not even understand. At that time, with the help of system restore, they can manually select a point of restoration by going to control panel and selecting to system restore.

They roll back to can select and then the computer wants to erase all the files and components which are stored inside the system. The desktop screen might change if the user changed it if they wish to get all the settings as before then undo the restore. After setting the components, the computer wants to create natural restore points and a list will be drawn up for the user as she/she uses the computer normally. Whenever, happen something improper, choose the restore points from the given list. Most of the times, some problem occur when the user install some thing at using Windows installer or other installer then system restore to make it a restore point. If the Windows Update installs new updates then another restore is burn. Every 24 hours of computer use, the system will give a system checkpoint and this process is only done if the system is idle. Another restore point be made want to if the system is switched off for more than 24 hours and when you turn it on, then will appear the one point. Finally, each time when you create a new point wants the old one will be boosted out. After recovery of the computer system, you might worry what and which files you could loose. With the help of Windows Vista, you will not loose any personnel file and information in my documents. If you wish to protect some files then put it in that folder and it is free that it will remain safe when you restore your computer back to. Johan Marsh is author of drive Vaccine.For more information about shared computing public access PC software, visit

Kyoto City Hall Service

In fact, at the airport of Barajas, if you you want to save waiting time in control, there are companies that they send you boarding pass directly to your mobile phone (in format BIDI), lo scaneas and raisins with priority over the rest. Checking in events. To obtain accreditation or invitation. For more information in this regard please consult the post I posted few weeks about accreditation by BIDI codes systems. Credit in the hotels. The customer can save your QR code with your reservation number that can be read from the different points of sale of the hotel to be able to load its consumption to the room account. Customer loyalty.

In mode of loyalty card, where we can store large amounts of information about the customer and our hotel / Agency. Brochures and catalogs. So users can expand your information by going to the website of the hotel or monument (or object of interest), accessing extras like virtual tour, video, content, etc. Can also be used in magazines and billboards for that user You can directly access more information, sweepstakes, or even more avant-garde trends that allow all users within range of my sender located through shipments via bluetooth. Geolocation.

For information about tourist attractions and in combination with other technologies such as augmented reality, Google Favorite Places, google Maps, etc. Etc. Building with QR code and reality aumentadEl building known as N Building, located in Tokyo, decorates its facade with a QR code. In its initial version code QR in the building only enciphered the URL of the web site of the building, but now it makes use of the augmented reality to show digital information superimposed on the real image of the building as the tweetts written by its tenant stores information that is in its interior, offers, promotions, etc. The Kyoto City Hall Service for tourist information on the town started using QR via mobile phone in March 2005. To read printed QR in an advertisement in the street to through mobile, we can quickly get information from hotels or bus schedules. This service is which you install information panels with QR code code in 87 bus stops and offers information about 170 tourist attractions. For example, if you read the Hikashiyama QR code, obtainable information relating to the Temple of this place, and the area in general as well as the timetable of buses. Moreover, in Spain already underway the first promotional actions of destinations using this technology as it is the project of the city of Roses and AndaluciQR which is a new online service free offered by the Innovation Center tourism of Andalusia and the Ministry of tourism, trade and sport of the Junta de Andalucia to improve the level of competitiveness and innovation of the Andalusian tourism sector.

BMW Group Car

A car of high performance racing and not suitable for cardiac benefits prepared to meet the requirements that requires traffic every day automotive Vision / by Roberto Perez S. A great name, a long tradition, exceptional technical data and unmatched driving experiences: MINI John Cooper Works arouses passions, also outside the circuits. The sportiest model in the range is available through the network of MINI distributors on September 5 in the Mexican Republic with manual six speed transmission at a price of $34,500. The MINI John Cooper Works occurs on the floor of MINI in Oxford, along with all other models of the brand. Therefore, it is also subject to the strict criteria of quality of BMW Group.

In addition, each unit is manufactured according to the customer’s preferences, which means that customers have the possibility to configure your MINI John Cooper Works according to their personal tastes. In principle, the MINI John Cooper Works is not anything other than a race car prepared to meet the requirements requiring traffic in cities. Your engine comes directly from the motor sport and is virtually identical to the current CHALLENGE 2008 MINI racing car drive. Robotics understood the implications. The alloy wheels 17 inch weight optimized, high performance brakes, new exhaust system, the gearbox light modified six-speed also derive directly from the MINI John Cooper Works CHALLENGE. Rarely moved so directly the racing technology to the streets and roads. Frankly sporty hood conceals an own a race car engine. The main data that define their qualities are: an engine turbo four-cylinder Twin-Scroll and 1,600 cc gasoline direct injection has a rating of 155 kW, i.e. 211 hp.

This means that it has a specific power of 132 hp for every 1,000 cc. This power is the equivalent of a pure sports car. The maximum torque of the engine is 260 Nm, available from the 1,850 turns.


Everytime we found by chance the expression data recovery, the first thing that comes to our spirit is ask us what that really means and how it is possible to recover data. Although it is literally, totally easy to define what are data recovery services, the process is strictly systematic and well more scientific. Data recovery is a process of recovery of your data deleted, formatted, corrupted or inaccessible. Since the abolition of the precious family photos, going through failure of the Messaging server or also the RAID system failure, data loss situations are numerous and there is no shortage. Both a loss of personal data such as professionals, panic is not satisfied with no explanation. They can never rebuild images of his deceased grandfather or the video of your child’s first birthday. Similarly, many organizations could not survive a RAID server failure.

Examples of loss / of inaccessibility of data involving a significant personal or professional setback: suppression/formatted/inaccessibility of a hard drive that leads to the loss of precious memories (old photos, videos etc). Forgotten password for remote reader. The Messaging server failure. Financial database corruption. Failed RAID etc system however, this situation belongs to the past, when data recovery technologies did not yet exist. Now, have the advantage of take advantage of cutting-edge services recoveries of data such as: file recovery, recovery of hard drive, data recovery RAID recovery of databases, recovery server and more still. But the question of the way in which the recovery process proceeds to search for the data remains in his spirit. The fact is that data are never deleted permanently when you remove them or format storage devices.

Which are inaccessible to root of physical damage to the storage device or another, are always present inside the device until they are covered by new data. With the help of powerful algorithms for scanning, programs, and methodologies for data restores, lost or inaccessible data are recovered successfully. The process may vary slightly depending on the type of media and its technology.However, one of the most important things that save the spirit is that they should never attempt data recovery if same or through any professional inexpert, since doing so could further damage devices beyond recovery. In all cases of loss of data, they are always looking for professional data recovery services and make sure that physically damaged devices are treated only in a part of cleaning CLASS 100 laboratory to ensure all recovery opportunities. Stellar recovery data B.V is a trusted services provider of recovery of data in Europe. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, their professional expertise and their certified infrastructure, Stellar is able to successfully recover your data following any data loss situation and therefore placed new points of reference in the field of data recovery.


Specifically, if you try to view the photos (with hard drive). When you start Photoshop. Ceased to run many toys (such as alavarovskih). Well, in several more rare. Now the points – I've done and what it led to.

1) Uninstall MobiEdit – did not help. 2) remove the drivers and everything related to bluetooth (because I still buggy bluetooth in connection with CellPhones – ie just in case) – has not helped. 3) for download the latest Nvidia driver set, set-updated (this was the advice of Ineta) – has not helped. 4) The next item was the most sad, but it is quite logical: the full system reset. Even formatnula to any fireman Section C: – to be already fully confident that no poostavalos no tails. The result of this action was simply amazing: there was a dump of physical memory a minute after loading the newly installed WINDOWS (XP). I tried to run the Explorer – and op! In general, of course, a complete shock.

Only at that moment it dawned on me that the problem is still not soft, APPARATNAYa. It followed that must climb inside the system unit. I, of course, I do not like – and what to do? And right now, who's easy? I opened the box. Oh my dear mother! And there pylyuki – a centimeter! Do not get me wrong – this is, of course, was hyperbole. Still Comp does not open, who knows how long – from the purchase date, I think.