Rabbits Rodents

Treat your pet quality and joie de Vivre in Rodermark Waldacker (near Frankfurt on the main) opened a BAKERY for animals in April 2009. The company stands for the manufacture and sale from home-made treats and be reward bites for animals. Specialized was on the baking of cookies of all shapes, as well as to offer little comparable on the market rabbits and small animals, as it is in this segment are drying of fruit and vegetable as treats for dogs, horses, cats, and the demand is quite large. All products are known with the name “HAPPIS”. The motto “Treat yourself to quality and vitality your animal”. HAPPIS bakery for animals offers dog, horse, cat, Hare, and small animals hand-baked biscuits, crisp bread, bone, training treats, getrockenetes fruit and vegetables, fish / meat – and cheese. The ingredients are matched with vets and therefore animal fair. Dried fruit contains among other things, vitamin A, B and C with high Mineral solids content.

Calcium and phosphorus ensure a good supply of minerals of the dog. Dried fruit also contains a high proportion of fiber. These conditions make dried fruit to an ideal snack for between by. Commonly used dried fruits such as dates, plums, apricots or apples. Caution! Never too much use, otherwise, a diarrhea is pre-programmed.

Special orders are baked like for people with allergies, gift requests, etc.. So anyone who would like to make a special gift his animals is bakery for animals at HAPPIS. There is also the possibility of an individual label, such as the name of your favorite. All products are in the online shop or available at authorized dealers. Baked and dried delivered every Sunday and Monday, on Friday and Saturday. The selected packaging in the form of jute bags is practical and very original.

Fenilaksom Construction

Fenilaks composition has the following distinctive properties. 1. High performance protection for moderate Fenilaksom consumption. 2. Provides the first group of fire-resistance rating (slow-wood). 3. The high penetration in the wood structure. 4.

The coating is resistant to aging. 5. Does not prevent the natural breathing wood. 6. Manufactured in an environmentally safe fire retardants and preservatives.

No harmful effects on humans and animals. 7. Ideal for processing of country houses, cottages and other wooden structures. 8. Available in ready-to-use form. 9. Modern technology and advanced control at all stages ensure high quality staff. Antiseptic wood a new generation of the erection BIO Z Wooden houses the main material for construction and decoration is wood. These include a variety of timber: timber, corrugated and laminated board, board, wall paneling, wood moldings and many others. In wooden construction used as a softwood (spruce, pine, fir, cedar, larch) and deciduous trees (birch, oak, aspen, walnut). Softwood is preferred for the construction of homes and hardwood – for baths, saunas, well. Choosing wood (lumber or finished), pay attention to her appearance. At the high-grade wood should not be free of cracks, rot, fungus lesions, wormholes, resin pockets, warping, etc. The presence of defects breaks the homogeneity of the wood and reduces its strength. No matter how high-quality and durable wood it was not necessary to handle the special substances to prevent decay and infections. Antiseptic wood tree 'BIO Z' – a highly effective treatment a broad antibacterial activity, possessing a combination of fungicides, bactericides and algitsidnyh properties. Impregnation 'BIO Z' is for use as a universal antiseptic for immediate processing of all porous materials (wood, brick, concrete, etc.). The advantages of antiseptic 'BIO Z': a wide spectrum of action against fungi, bacteria and algae, a new generation, adaptation to which microorganisms can not contain chlorinated organic compounds, formaldehyde, phenol, arsenic and tin, has a low leachability, providing a more long-lasting protection, improved environmental performance, low consumption and high efficiency.

Economic Policy

Application energy-saving lamps will save and redirected to other needs of releasing resources and power from energy savings, capacity, initial construction svetotochek on the streets with three or four-band movement will be a half times cheaper due to the possibility of using special optics and the supporting one side of the road, no maintenance costs and utilization for periods of up to four times exceeding the life cycle of tube technology. Have long known: energy conservation always costs and economics, and ecology of many times cheaper than an extensive way – building on its production, construction of new power plants, which require to produce more fuel, build mines, etc. According to the Ministry of Energy forecast for 2010, the country’s power plants will generate up to 181.8 GWh of electricity. At the same time the real demand for electricity will outpace supply, amounting to 189.6 gw in the “minimum” scenario and 203.7 gw in the script of “postindustrial transition.”

In this case, energy promise to keep up with growing electricity demand until 2015-2020. Until Russia will be the same energy-hungry. As said the head of the Department of Economic Policy of rao ues of Russia Igor , 12 years later the population spending on electricity can make a substantial part of costs and energy holding predicts rise in electricity prices in Russia on average almost three times in 2020. This will occur against the background of large-scale investment programs and the introduction of new environmental requirements. The main factors that impact on this process will be rapid increase in fuel prices, primarily natural gas.

Strategy Trading

Sustainable business development through a holistic perspective on companies and employees will emerge in the future a value-based, holistic and integrated business development with strong employee focus as a decisive competitive advantage. H2B (Health2Business) was developed together with medium-sized companies and groups and makes it possible to ensure sustainable success with little effort. The crisis has shown that action is needed. Who does not go with the time moves with the times. In addition to functioning structures, processes and IT systems, values, and the health of employees and executives are a crucial engine for the economic growth of a company. However, it is a sad fact that diseases, demotivation, internal termination, poor operating climate, billions of euros lost bullying etc. the economy.

A decreased willingness of employees and an increase in the days of incapacity for work. Academic research by There are up to 50% of personnel costs, which broke through these symptoms\”. Here can count every company for itself, what it means in euros to raise only 10 or 20% of this potential in order to open up new markets, grow stronger and to generate more profit. Health2Business is becoming increasingly important, because the framework conditions of a globalized world with performance pressure, new information media, a change of employment conditions, a permanent presence, a growing flexibility, an ageing workforce (key word of demographic change and employer branding), economic crises and the resulting insecurity contribute their part. \”In addition to the symptoms in combination, often physical or psychosomatic characters come to fruition: back problems, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, poor eating habits and eating disorders, addiction in the workplace or the so-called burn-out syndrome\” are on everyone’s lips – and yet too little done. The aim of H2B is the balance of Body/body, mind spirit (mind) and soul / soul in the company and the employees in the sense of a holistic and integrated development of the company.

Mental Health Conference

1 October in the PresseClub Munich – mental health 10 October World mental health day “live since 1992. Organization, associations and institutions in and around Munich use this remembrance day as an opportunity to offer for the first time a Munich week for mental health. In over 150 events to inform, participate, experience and celebrations is the motto of mental health live”presented to citizens. Posters, post cards and programs available city-wide. Representatives of the coordination give an overview of the diverse program and about the more than 100 participating Organizer and initiator team at a press conference on Thursday, October 1, at 11: 00 in the PresseClub Munich Marienplatz 22 formulate the significance of the event week, which is under the patronage of Mayor Ude prominent representatives from the health care and policy: more Deputy District day Friederike Steinberger, the health officer of the city of Munich Joachim Lorenz, the Clinic Director of the ISAR Amper hospital Klinikum Munchen OST, Prof. Dr.

Margot Albus and Dr. Christoph Emminger, Board of medical circular and District Association, the podium belong to. The coordinators of the week, Dr. Joachim Hein and Rita Wust from the Munich-based Alliance against depression, will describe desVorhabens the motivation and history press representatives. A free public event is the prelude of the week on Monday, October 5, from 9: 00 to 18.00 in the Munich Town Hall at Marienplatz.

“” In addition to lectures on topics such as mental health in children and adolescents’ psychological healthy in the age”, burn-out” or dealing with crises”arise all initiators on an information exchange the questions and concerns of visitors. Bayerischer Rundfunk Bavarian broadcasting is planning a live broadcast of the opening in his radio show notebook”. In Munich alone, estimates result depression, the best known and most common mental illness approximately 70,000 people suffer a treatment. The World Health Organization (WHO) expects that the greatest health burden in the Western industrialised countries make up until 2020 mental illness. Every year, nearly 10,000 people in Germany the life take the vast majority of them due to mental stress and psychological crises. The Munich-based Alliance against depression e.V. was founded as a non-profit organization in May 2008. Purpose of the Association is the information about depressive diseases and the improvement of care of patients. The two-year awareness campaign starts on October 10, 2009.

Health And Wellness Products

Health for all must health be complicated? Many people ask about the health or are looking for new wellness tips that can incorporate into their everyday lives. Then you are looking for on the Internet, they are slain by confusing information and discover what you are looking for but not completely. If they are then you find it, the information on multiple pages is dismembered, so that precious time for ineffective research must be wasted. Www.wellness-gesundheit24.de was born from this crisis out. The concern is now widest about a health or Wellnessthema research, entertaining together to take the information and to offer the reader a compact article. Updates and timeless so current swine flu but also to General topics such as back pain, jogging or even the nutrition information.

The criteria for a good article is here: the reader can draw a direct practical benefits to same can apply the read. In an article, it can be a descriptive Guide for a relaxation technique, or a collection of important tips such as remedies. Once all those important terms are listed, which allow a quick more in-depth research. In any case the reader at first glance detects whether he finds what he is looking for, and is gelotst by many sides to irrelevant information. Every day new articles the offer is gratefully accepted, already in the first days of traffic each day several hundred percent rose. So operators and authors to feel encouraged to expand the pool of previously almost 50 existing articles and to prepare every day on the new exciting health knowledge in a readable format. Andreas Muller


He will be easier to close the site and search for information on the Internet at a different site than read and tormented in this way. Of course, with advances in technology there are now special computer mouse that can be used not only scroll text vertically but also horizontally scroll the text. But do not forget that not all users available in a mouse. Even I, who until recently enjoyed a mouse without the "wheel" for the vertical scroll, because I for 5 years got used to it, and it suited me completely. But nothing lasts forever. And when the time came the choice of what kind of mouse to buy – I had to choose the "old novelty of technological progress" – a mouse with a scroll wheel.

Another drawback of the "broad" sites is the fact that large images are loaded for longer than short ones. And if you are on the site will be a quality header (and he always will be), then you have to do that here: or header cut into 2 parts (for simultaneous downloads); or lose a few seconds to load a page. Nor should we assume that all users have fast Internet connection. According to the questionnaire mailing my "How to to create a site "- the most popular speed Internet connection, as banal as it sounds, but it is 28.8 – 31.2 KB / sec. Therefore, you must delicately refers to the selection of graphics on the site and make it as beautiful and with a minimum size. There is one mistake I've seen some web designers. This error is very rough (my opinion) because of the loss of visitors / subscribers / customers, etc. Nature of the error is.

Made a site under 1024 by 768. Page is divided into 2 part. The first part – made under the monitor 800 to 600, and it is located on the left side of the monitor and the second part – a panel or navigating the site or proposal from the author's website.

The Democratic Management

The Democratic Management if characterizes for a type of administration directed to the social one, from there to present the conception of democracy in its name. In this direction, it conducts what it are principles that go since the allotment inside of the institutions to the search for the action freedom to be able it to front. In the pertaining to school scope, this practical if makes inside for the aggregation of mechanisms considered essential inside of one practical pedagogical one centered in the freedom of the educational actions, namely: autonomy and participation. Under these two looks, inside of the democracy in the relations of being able between the school and the Brazilian educational system, will be boarded in this work, among others things: the consolidated bases of education in our society; the peculiarities of this type of pertaining to school management and its particularitities; as it started to act inside of the State of the Cear. 2 Education and Democracy, in face of made use in the Article 1 of the LDB Many are the challenges that the school contemporary must face in elapsing of its trajectory. The globalization, folloied of the aceleramento of the technology on the other hand to the actions and deriving results of the governments or states, provides for the education the immense task of, although the difficulties with which deal, to inside promote the equalizao formative of the citizens of this context. The modernization of the work, narrowly on to everything this, has its significant parcel in these results; e, the education of good quality have been the main one and more efficient door of exit of these problems, a time that the educator already is not plus a mere repassador of information and contents, as well as that the society demands of its professional ability performance accomplishes in the process of formation citizen.

Muller-BBM Helps Prima Donna Of The Italian Opera Houses

Musical opening of the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples is to the brilliant success, also for the Planegger acoustician. “The mood to the and highest satisfaction at the musicians and managers is very good after the reopening in Naples,” enthuses Jurgen Reinhold as responsible space Acoustician at Muller-BBM. The Teatro di San Carlo is the oldest, still recorded Opera House in Europe, which already was founded in 1737 and since then regarded as neo-classical beauty. So glad to see all stakeholders that could be returned within only one and a half years of restoration and conversion time Carlo its beauty the Teatro di San and get the famous sound brilliance and even improved. So invested 65 million euro and the improved acoustics will ensure that the Grand back radiates Dame of the Opera stage in the entire Mediterranean.

Muller-BBM is represented as internationally active engineering company with almost 300 employees at eleven locations in Germany. The consulting and planning emphasis is placed in the acoustics of concert halls and opera houses. With our interdisciplinary engineers, independent designers and technical specialists, we advise our clients since 1962 and occupy a leading position in the fields of competence of construction, today’s environment and technology. Munich – Berlin – Dresden – Frankfurt – Gelsenkirchen – Hamburg – Karlsruhe – Cologne – Nuremberg – Stuttgart – Weimar Muller-BBM GmbH Volker Liebig Robert-Koch-Strasse 11, 82152 Planegg/Munich 089-85602-340

SuperDisk Drive

Storage ZIP Superdisk SuperDisk Drive It is the commercial name of the disc and the disk drive of the Imation company that uses technology LS-120 (ls of LAserServo), this technology allows that in a special disc of 3? inches the SuperDisk Drive can be stored up to 120 MB (83 discs of 1,44 MB) and at the same time supports to the use of discs of 3 and average inches of 720 KB and 1,44 MB but with a rapidity superior as far as Read/write that drive common, This Drive is connected externally. Iomega Zip The commercial name of the device of the Iomega company. This device in truth has had great acceptance by its size, reduced weight and fast installation (connection to the parallel port and recognition by a special manager) makes ideal like movable unit, in addition their discs to a pound are only available in formats of 25 MB and 100 MB (70 discs of 1.44 MB), these discs are a little greater and heavy than a disc of 3? inches but are very easy to transport. Storage in Reproducers MP3 and others Mp3, Mp4 A digitalis reproducer audio is a device that stores, organizes and reproduces digitalis archives audio. Commonly reproducer of MP3, reproducer MP3 is denominated to him, or simply MP3 by the music format that reproduce, these often have a memory and a connection via used USB reason why possible being like units also does of storage, exist in the market diverse capacities, designs, styles and sizes. Cellular telephones. Being of used mass media but at present, these also incorporate small micro memories SD or M2 where images are stored, audio and video and by all means the possibility of keeping data although is not their main purpose, but they count on memory adapters that allow that the computer can read and write on these.