Internet Krieger

Marcus Krieger, nationwide since 2011 as Project Manager Germany for Polish JBG-2 cooling systems specialist goes parallel with its own Internet presence at the start. Food. Cooling systems. Since anyone expected a particularly frosty greeting? If so, he will be pleasantly disappointed: Marcus Krieger your partner for food retail, catering and hotel industry. This warm welcome awaits anyone who on Google after a profound consulting in the field of refrigeration systems has inquires and followed the link. Honest, dedicated and expert advice from person to person: exactly this range of services I offer my customers,”explains Marcus Krieger, whose consulting company for cooling systems presents itself with a professional Web presence.

“And my clients rightfully expect exactly. I have great experience that I already through my simultaneous work as Project Manager Germany for JBG-2 cooling systems To help prospective customers an optimum solution in this area. Stressing that Marcus Krieger, his clientele come from the various company sizes. The small traditional butcher’s turn out of full conviction on him as the head of a large supermarket. Keyword cooling systems: the internationally renowned expert gives a result anyone who entrusted Marcus Krieger with a competent consulting, to measure.

And in a manageable time frame. Unless a new energy-efficient acquisition, a modernisation measure or a maintenance now. The help him his decades of experience and the extensive, cross-sector network, that he can at any time access back. Just in cooling systems the need for high-quality consulting is big, Marcus Krieger explains: the individual customer wishes are our advice the measure of all things. The customers wish is our command so to speak. We put a special focus on systems, their primary tasks excellent meet, are perfectly adapted to the climate and organizational conditions of our customers and at the same time highly energy saving. For example by trendsetting heat pump and solar technology.

Modern Man And Knowledge

Hitherto, humanity owes its success in technological science, in its classical approach, one may wonder whether this progress would not have happened differently. In other words, under multiple errors caused by the progress in the name of objectivity and rationality, it was not possible to build a civilization that is not only powerful in the technology but is also very advanced in other areas such as humanities, social and ecological. Such questioning leads to the following question: The man has it not been betrayed by the illusion of holding a certain truth through a scientific approach that has finally revealed its limits? Modern man is confronted with a reality he can not explain using conventional scientific tools at his disposal. Since these tools are unable to identify the many facets of this reality. A universe where we find meaning and nonsense, truth and the truth against a world where the logical approach contradicts the empirical approach.

The segmentation of our disciplines, subdisciplines and specializations, the non-communication of science among them, are signs of a reductive way of thinking and mutilated. It is therefore not surprising that simplistic thinking and communicates only with itself is unable to grasp reality more and more complex in which we live today. Indeed, the paradigm of complexity appears to be the most appropriate approach, able to bear the contradictions of the world around us, to understand its antagonisms, accept differences, to provide a look dialogic exceed silos and understand the various interactions of different actors contained in our universe.

Radiation Measurement Instruments

Over the past few months about 500 new companies have purchased equipment and radiation monitoring devices for measuring radiation. This suggests that the more people understand the importance of measuring radiation and prevent adverse effects. Production Company 'Ekorad' – radiometer dosimeter, is widely known not only in Russia but also in other countries. This is no accident. The company 'Ekorad' is one of the first companies to own developing and producing high-quality radiation detection instruments.

Models are not theoretical schemes, and based on calculations of expert assessments, and real customer surveys. Radiation measuring instruments have many advantages compared with typical domestic radiometers. One of the main advantages – the wider the scope of the instrument for solving problems of control. Measurement of radiation is becoming increasingly important as for enterprise and for each individual. So the company is constantly improving products. To date, devices are available for different levels of radiation and measure radiation in different places destination.

For domestic use was invented by household dosimeter. Thanks to him, you can easily measure the radiation level of any object, whether a household appliance or product. For workers in scientific enterprises LLC 'Ekorad' offers professional dosimeter, which has a more advanced design and has some additional features compared to domestic. Each one of us to a greater or lesser degree, and well, if so, exposed to radiation. Detect radiation is necessary not only to potentially dangerous places (factories), but also in any area of human habitation. And then comes to the aid dosimeter-radiometer, which promptly inform the person about the presence of such radiation. Need to use radiation monitors caused global computerization, so will only increase. The company 'Ekorad' plans to continue to create and refine tools to ensure your safety.