Bernhard Borchardt

Is it possible that you can learn flirting? A little Casanova is the often included statements such as he”or what he says you just?” show us always, how much we admire this art. At the same time most people also assume that it is a gift, not each part and accept you completely unconsidered for the female gender. While, flirting is a skill that everyone must learn sometime. Some people have it easier because they receive the skills by their parents or their circle of friends. Others who have not acquired this ability at a young age, take this as there, it would be God-given there for them all the more important, it can acquire.

People should see flirting as a game, is about to find out how good the other person one. For many self-running routines originated on a subconscious level, can be used to check the opposite. In the worst case, the conversation partner endeavor that As soon as possible to end call. In the ideal case, however, sees such a flirt as a crackling, familiar conversation, which culminates in a kiss. And exactly here apply the two dating because the underlying system was also deciphered long ago and thus know how to respond to a specific situation. However, everyone should bear in mind that it is not to memorized spells, but the presentation of one’s own personality. “That’s why”, flirting can succeed so Bernhard Borchardt and Andreas Lorenz, who understands the system and can make it a part of his personality.”.” The Flirtcoaching developed by the two integrated the right behaviors in the personality of the Coachee and makes more and more the, what he wants to be: A man who appreciates the women and the women love. How to contact with Bernhard Borchardt & Andreas Lorenz