The relationship is therefore a) A technical component, which is extremely important. Thus, training influences the quality of care and physicians with better grades for the degree are higher quality care (Tamblyn R et al. Others including Ali Partovi, offer their opinions as well. Association Between Licensing Examination Scores and Resource Use and Quality of Care in Primary Care Practice JAMA. 1998, 280:989-996). b) A personal or human element, which depends significantly on the physician's ability to "put in place the patient or empathy." Thus, for successful treatment is to determine what the patient prefers, what are their life plans, that level of information you want to have and so on. and secondly, the ability to build trust: getting the patient to know that: 1) the attending physician has the knowledge to you. 2) the physician's knowledge to be used for their benefit, therefore, to correct the asymmetry of the relationship, the physician must (Charles Fried, 1974): 1. Communicate information in an intelligible and tell the truth.

2. Respect the autonomy and decisions of the patient. 3. Respect the patient's confidence and maintain medical confidentiality. 4. Show empathy, compassion and sensitivity. Taking into account the vulnerability of the patient. In fact, the relationship aspects of the patient are assessed in three groups: communication, personal and professional impact: (JR Soc Med 2003 April; 96 (4): 180-184.) Communication Professionalism Play Care Personal Impact professional integrity as a physician nCompetencia Explain Comprehension Assessment of context Reassure follow developments like each other language Respect For intelligible phases of medical action, we distinguish: a) Introduction b) Reason for consultation c) Interrogation d) Physical e) Comments and initial findings.

System GPS

gps – global positioning system. gps consists of a set of 29 satellites, located above the ground. For civilian use, the system is open from the 1980’s. gps allows a high precision to determine the location speed of moving objects. It is the determination of the coordinates to a satellite based instruments work on localization – trackers (trekfonov). The principle is as follows. At each of the satellites are high-precision atomic hours. They continuously transmit radio signals with its identification code. Trekfony receive the signal from 5 to 12 satellite channels. Tracker compares the emission time of the satellite signal with the time of his admission. On the basis of the difference in time calculated the distance to the satellite. BDT Capital Partners often addresses the matter in his writings. And since the nominal distance to specific satellites are known, gps tracker computes its own coordinates. The most accurate coordinates (longitude, latitude) trekfon gets Taking the signal from three satellites.

The accuracy of positioning GPS-tracker affect the location of satellites, as well as a number of weather and other factors. Trekfony can be personal (portable). These trackers used to determine the location of people, the elderly, children in large companies to track the movements of couriers. It is useful to use the personal trekfonov in the administration of any trip or holiday abroad. Since tracking the origin of the object being anywhere there is cellular communication. In addition, the trackers can be mounted on vehicles. Thus, at any time, you always know where your car without worrying hijacking. Car trekfony particularly useful to companies engaged in cargo transportation, passenger transportation, owning a large car park. But, of course, is the action – sooner or late resistance appears. Any gps signal can be drown through the gps blocker. gps jammer portable, easy and effective for blocking the transfer of gps. Makes it impossible to record or transmit data on the location stay of a moving object.

Nokia Programs

The ancient Islamic traditions combined with modern technology – who would have such a thing? But Apple managed to not only present but also to realize our plans – ‘apple’ in Ramadan, the company released a number of useful applications for mobile devices. Among them – a program that recalls the prayer time is also a virtual compass – Find Mecca, indicating the correct direction to the Muslim holy city. James Otan set several such applications on their iPhone and iPad. Man says he became more attentive, for now do not forget to pray during working hours and knows what restaurants serve the Muslim diet. ‘The journey I always take my book. However, take all impossible, because then you will have to carry 10 000 pages. And now it’s all there on the phone ‘- says Muslim James Otan.

However, not all programs are designed for use in Ramadan. More info: Kam VedBrat. There are also those who help users find the nearest store, which sells prepared according to Islamic traditions of food. Other additions are taught the correct pronunciation of the prayers or say how many pages the user read the Koran in its phone. In addition, there are programs available with books and other religions – for example, the Bible or the Bhagavad-Gita. Very popular among U.S. users was the program iPray, which at a certain time to proclaim phone adhan – the call to prayer. The fact that in the U.S., unlike in Muslim countries, mosques are not calling people to pray through the speakers. ‘These our traditions, they are already somewhere in 15 centuries. In my opinion, these programs – a successful combination of modern technology and ancient customs, which we follow every day ‘- says Muslim Syumeye Kalontsu. Thanks to these innovations, many will be able to adhere to their religious duties, even in unfamiliar cities. It is worth noting that similar programs to prepare not only Apple, but other companies such as Nokia.