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Until the 17TH century social thought, was characterized by the concern of formulate rules. The rationalism of these thinkers said that scientific attitude towards phenomena, albeit reality outside the conscience, must be released from the influence of the idols and the prenociones, which laid the foundations for what would be the scientific method. Tenets of the scientific method: 1-the study of objective reality should be left aside, all preconceived idea on the facts that are being studied. 2. The spirit will be conducted in the research by constructive and methodical doubt only means of obtaining the truth of the facts and not to deform them, to conform to a revealed truth. 18Th century, displayed the works of Condorcet, Montesquieu and Diderot; They discussed assumptions about social progress.The formation of institutions, control, social change, economic and social transformations, the development of the scientific method; all this prepared the birth of the Sociology in the 19th century. This birth came about with the industrial society, with the proletariat.

Ideology of the revolution of the 18th century; It was intended to delimit the relations of the society to the level of the division of the individual and the State. Postulates of the creators of Sociology: 1-recognition of social phenomena to exist outside the individual consciences, as objective reality; processes of social organization, are not mere reflections of the ideas of the men. 2. Verification that there is a close and growing independence of the various parts of the social structure which constitutes a complex reality in constant transformation, whose laws are to be found, in social life and in the discretion of the demiurgos (name given by the Platonists to creative intelligence; Governor of heaven; in its primitive meaning refers to craftsmen)(, workmen, architects). 3. The verification of the possibility of objectively studying social life, distinguishing scientific mode of addressing it in the utopian activity, which face it, previously assumed social thought. 4.

The proclaimed recognition, need to study the social process, before attempting to intervene in it. Intervention that is performed, as a contribution to the effort to preserve or to transform the existing social order. The founders of Sociology were: Comte, Spencer, Le Play, Lester, Karl, Marx, Ward, Proudhan. Comte christened the new social science and divided its field in:-dynamic (study of change and progress) and – static (synthesis of Condorcet and Montesquieu). The law in the three States saw the evolution of humanity, as a long journey that ended in the age of industrialism. She saw society as a complex reality and considered that all isolated, futile elements of society study, is by nature of irrational and sterile science. imer Crow Holdings. Comte defined its method, as the subordination (a thing depends on another) Systematics of imagination to the observation.I invite you to visit the Digital Library of where you will find quality checked for your spiritual and personal development articles: labor output, health, computer, sports, languages, entertainment, Mditacion and more.

Digital Photo Frame

A beautiful gift to stylishly represent the memories you knows that yet. You are invited to a wedding and has simply no idea what you could give the bride and groom. Since these days the couples already already live longer before the marriage in a common household, it has not much sense to give kitchen appliances and other household items, since it can be assumed, that the couple already has everything you need. What should you pay so there? Ultimately, some pointless clutter then often lands on the gift table. Main thing is that it gives anything – so is often the motivation for such gifts. It is not so difficult to make a deliberate and very personal gift to the bride and groom. What give I now? A digital picture frame is a nice and especially personal idea.

In the modern digital age is photographed hardly with analog cameras and one has saved all pictures to the computer for this reason. This is required, the images on a digital Frame transfer – they must be in digital form. There are digital photo frames in different forms. Pete Cashmore often addresses the matter in his writings. You should look closely at different models, also features well learn to see which design best to the bride and groom suits. You decided to buy, you can give the frame just so impersonal, or load but a few beautiful pictures of the couple on a suitable storage medium or the picture frame itself and thus more personal to make the gift.

We switched the frame now, it changes the image automatically after a few seconds, so that again is something to see other. Good digital picture frame is there already for under 50 euros. Prices can go well up to 200 euro, depending on the manufacturer and features. To buy, there is the digital photo frame from retailers or from various online stores. Dirk STAUDINGER

InterRed Supports Adobe Digital Publishing

InterRed will support the new publishing technology from Adobe. Adobe recently announced its new digital Viewer technology with the publishers to easily can iPad represent multimedia and interactive magazines, for example, on Apple’s. Frequently Mashable has said that publicly. Practically in the use of the technique is currently still in the beta phase, already in the American Technology magazine wired,”. The advantage lies in the simple creation of this magazine for InDesign experts: users who already work with InDesign CS5, digital versions of their publications are can produce in a simple way. The editorial system InterRed will support the new publishing technology.

Long-standing partnership: InterRed and Adobe the long-term technological partnership between the InterRed GmbH and the Adobe Systems GmbH guaranteed early support for Adobe InDesign on the basis of the InDesign Server through the content management system InterRed. With the bi-directional and native interface, the DTP software is seamlessly integrated with the powerful content management system. Users can either work with their familiar DTP program, directly into the content management system with integrated planning of sheet or in combination of both systems. Currently InterRed as Adobe is represented for the new publishing technology by Adobe solution partner in the beta program. Both companies again closely cooperate to combine new technology with the advantages of the editorial and content management system InterRed rights management, workflow, Central media-neutral Searchmachine. In addition to already existing ways to expose content for example, based on predefined templates for the iPad, InterRed is can now offer a solution with open layout. The more advantage will be to be able to vote multimedia content and text individually to the resolution of the iPad or other Tablet and the format (portrait and landscape). Contact for inquiries and interviews: InterRed GmbH Klaus Schuster sales ice fields road 316 57080 Siegen FON: + 49 (0) 271 / 303 77 – 0 fax: + 49 (0) 271 / 303 77 – 77 E-Mail:

Protecting Homes

Protection of the apartment and doma. security systems have become part of our everyday life. Today's companies every day show us the latest developments in video surveillance and fire alarm systems. Now the market modern technology is ready to offer a lot of options to satisfy the needs of each customer. Videodomofon.Videodomofon are the most simple device security apartments, houses, villas.

For all variety of applications and design, the main purpose is to ensure entryphone opportunities not only to talk with the visitor before you open the door, but to see it the most promising means of monitoring the remote sites. GSM-alarm system is used for protection of territory and property from the use of cellular technology, and it is a weighty its advantages. The main GSM-alarm problem is determining whether the invasion-controlled territory, from fixing the date, time and place of violation and alert the owner about it on his cell phone. The principle of GSM-alarm is simple: protected area is equipped with all necessary sensors and control panel with the gsm module. The interaction of sensors and control panel is provided either by wire or over the air, triggering a sensors occurs when the intrusion into the territory. As a result, activated the gsm module, which sends alarm sms messages or calls to mobile phone makers and owners.

Video surveillance. Surveillance one of the simplest and most effective technical means of providing security apartments, houses and enables full control and monitoring. Installation of cctv will monitor in real time, who and how to behave in your home, apartment and you will be able to respond quickly to the situation. Clock archiving allows you to analyze past events and draw appropriate conclusions. The base configuration includes cctv standalone dvr, fixed camera and monitor (the monitor can be used instead of TV). Used to control the front panel device and a remote control. Our specialists are always ready to help you select the right security systems that best meet your needs, both in terms of safety and costs. To acquire reliable and modern security system you can always in our company 'TV warranty'.

Salvador Dali

In The study found not only a direct link gene 'P 16 "with aging, but also its ability to affect telomere length. For even more opinions, read materials from Viacom. Chinese scientists have proved that the containment of gene activity 'P 16 "may not only extend the life of cells, but also reduce the degree of telomere shortening. From this it follows that the aging process inherent in the genetic program of cells, and in order to make the cells immortal, they need to block the gene 'P 16. It is assumed that the scientists will be able to block the genes of an organism with the development of nanotechnology. It is believed that the aging process is regulated by human heredity by about 25%. Nanotechnology – the path to Immortality Nanotechnology (English nanotechnology) are very promising area of research and able to open people's incredible opportunities. Nanotechnology methods, you can create nanobots that are comparable in size to biomolecules.

Nanotechnology – the path to immortality. Illustration from the site assumed that nanorobots from inside the human body will be able to eliminate all injuries occurring in the cells. Peter Asaro is actively involved in the matter. Principle of operation nanorobots is the mechanical stress on cellular structures or the creation of local electromagnetic fields that trigger chemical changes in biomolecules. Molecular robots would be able not only to stimulate regeneration, but also to repair (repair) of the cells, remove from the body accumulated harmful products of metabolism, correct damage in the genetic material of cells, neutralize harmful to the body of free radicals, which are products of many biochemical reactions, as well as enable or block any of the genes, improving the body. Scope of nanorobots is boundless. It is expected that they able to provide for physical immortality. But this is the future. Nanotechnology require development and further research.

Cryonics and Immortality And while there is only one way to preserve his body until when science reaches the opportunity to adjust all the body changes associated with disease and aging. This cryonics (English cryonics) – developing trend, which is to keep the body doomed to death from accident, sickness or old age people to the point where science will be able to recover all the vital functions of the body, cure all diseases and overcome the aging process. This conservation suggests the creation of conditions under which a body will not be degraded by microorganisms, and this is achieved by freezing to liquid nitrogen temperature (-196 degrees Celsius). Just a 'club of immortals' now more than 200 members (the exact number and names – a trade secret). According to rumors in the ranks of the frozen-immortals can be Walt Disney (Walt Disney), Salvador Dali (Salvador Dali).


Technology of production of the product involves addition to care (which may offer a host of other Manufacturers seem to be anti-aging cosmetics) regulate the functioning of skin regeneration and deep dermal layers of the epidermis and dermis. The development of tools offered in the gift sets for women from the company Desheli, the leading Israeli experts cosmetology took about fifteen years. That's how much time was needed to not only create the ideal ingredients for a rejuvenating complex, but also in order to properly test the resulting product. The results of these tests showed that cosmetic set DeSheli absolutely safe even for people with allergies. Fearlessly, you can use at home. If you do not 'brown' cosmetologist, do not worry. It is you and not be required. Special skills in the use of cosmetics is not necessary.

The main thing to remember consistency in the application of all drugs, but it is not principle. Just under the right procedures result will be much larger. The composition of products includes a variety of substances Desheli whose presence speaks volumes. This liposomes, peptides, beeswax, propolis, olive oil, extracts of jojoba, rice bran, aloe, calendula and many more. Perhaps it is you are looking for them as part of other funds, knowing their useful properties. It is believed that these substances may provide one hundred percent effect only if you are prepared according to popular cosmetics recipes. But not so much time was devoted to working on productions DeSheli. All the ingredients to preserve useful properties and are perfectly compatible with each other.

Each of the series of Crystal Youth is unique not only a perfect composition, most of the components of which have long been known to women, but also the presence of drugs in particular active substance having the name 'intelligent crystals'. Its kind in the world is not there. This is a special active ingredients that stimulate the natural internal balance of the skin. Having the ability to penetrate the deepest layers of skin tissues, they act at the cellular and molecular level. Try makeup DeSheli never too late. Even if you stopped believing in miracles! Source:

Metal Structure

The development of cellular-dendritic chemical inhomogeneity is determined by the solidification conditions (in the first place – the cooling rate) and the alloy composition. The dependence of the cellular-dendritic inhomogeneity of velocity cooling crystallization can be represented as a curve with a maximum corresponding to the average cooling rate (zone II). At low cooling rates (zone I) heterogeneity decreases due to diffusion alignment at high (zone III) – through the development of diffusion-free process of crystallization or mechanical trapping impurities. In the range of speed of cooling molten weld metal (up to hundreds degrees per second) diffusionless crystallization mechanism is not realized. Gain insight and clarity with AOL. Reducing the degree of chemical heterogeneity observed with increasing cooling rates, due to the grinding elements cellular-dendritic structure, which resulted in the composition of molten metal is averaged. In addition to these types of segregation in macrovolumes welds observed distribution of impurity layers, repeating the shape of the isotherms.

This phenomenon caused by the change in the rate of growth of crystallites due to an uneven flow of heat into the weld pool, periodically upset the balance of income and withdrawal of heat, which changes the rate of cooling. At the same time possibility to stop the crystallization front and even partial melting of the solid phase. Reducing the velocity of the solidification front decreases the concentration of impurities in the solid phase. In contrast, the increase in speed moving solidification front contributes to an increase in impurity concentration than the equilibrium value. Layers with high impurity contents are clearly visible in the weld metal during arc welding consumable electrode and due to the droplets entering the electrode metal bath fluctuations, changes in the speed of the electrode. Most clearly expressed in stratification of the weld metal by using pulsed sources of heat, when there is a periodic melting and solidification of the molten pool. Metal heat-affected zone more chemically homogeneous than the cast weld metal, as in the recovery process and the recrystallization is not observed substantial redistribution of alloying elements and impurities. The main type of chemical heterogeneity in metal heat-affected zone – the accumulation of impurities or alloying elements on grain boundaries.

Same Blood

Not so long ago, yet scientists have believed that, having reached the adult state, the organisms slows down the synthesis of proteins and other organic compounds, limited to "repair" work (the healing of wounds, changing epithelium of the skin, etc.). The very first experiments with isotopic labels have shown that this is wrong. Throughout his life is a continuous replacement of old cellular structures on the newly formed. For example, when repairing aircraft replaced the engine, exhaust their resources, even though it worked flawlessly. It would seem that all my life should serve man bone. However, when the practice of medicine became the antibiotic tetracycline, doctors faced with an astonishing fact. Tetracycline is partly accumulated in the bones. Traces of treatment can be found at bone thin section in the form of a fluorescent layer.

It was found that approximately three years after antibiotic therapy, he found in the blood in very high concentrations (which sometimes leads to undesirable side effects). Location he took tetracycline, because the patient than three years and could forget that once it took? He returned to the blood of old bone tissue, which dissolves and is replaced by a new one. It is said that the nerve cells do not regenerate, do not multiply. In principle it is, but throughout life they are continually rebuilt. So a person can live all your life in one house, but during this time repeatedly to change the situation there. We can only formally assume neurons, with which we end life, the same cells, which we administered it.

Concrete Mixtures

Concrete – (French beton), an artificial stone material made from rationally-tuned mix of binder (cement, bitumen, etc.), water (sometimes without), aggregates (sand, gravel, crushed stone, concrete block, etc.), and in some cases – special chemical additives (to improve the quality of the material). Concrete – one of the building materials. Concrete, it is called after molding and curing, before forming the mixture is called concrete. According to existing state standards concretes are divided by main destination, type of binder, aggregate form, structure and conditions of hardening. According to the primary use of concrete construction are (used for concrete and reinforced concrete load-bearing structures of buildings and structures), hydraulic (for construction of dams, locks, canal lining), concrete for walls of buildings and light covers, road (for traffic devices and airfield pavement), as well as special (heat resistant, chemically resistant, decorative, radiation-protective, insulating, polymer, betonopolimery and others). By type of binder concretes may be based on cementitious binders (for clinker cement – Portland cement, slag cement, slag cement and pozzolan, etc.), lime and slag binders (lime-sand, lime, slag, etc.), gypsum binders (at gypsum and gypsum-pozzolanic) special binders (for synthetic resins), the bitumen binder (asphalt). By type of aggregate cement can be dense, porous and special aggregates (these include natural sand (including river, sea and mountain), artificial sand (obtained by crushing the rocks, as well as dumping of metallurgical slag), gravel, crushed stone, concrete block). On the concrete structure can be: dense, porous, cellular, macroporous. Under the terms of hardening concrete are classified in hardening under natural conditions, in conditions of thermal treatment at atmospheric pressure, under heat and humidity treatment at a pressure above atmospheric pressure (autoclaved).

VOIP Application

Should I say that the cell phone long ago ceased to be something through chic. Indeed, most ordinary telephone used to conduct dialogues with friends, poses much greater potential. In Nowadays, virtually all cell phones have a significant set of enhanced features: fast data transfer, large graphical display, the implementation of custom applications, etc. In order to achieve full satisfaction of a mobile phone, you should use downloading mobile applications. All sorts of programs can be injected, either directly from your mobile phone and via the Internet.

In the mobile handsets of Nokia for this purpose is used a special application. For the proper functioning of mobile programs you want to enter an access point to the Internet via gprs. Typically, these settings provided by your cellular provider. At the However, you can manually check this piece to avoid paying unnecessary. For mobile phone users today are the following functions: ICQ-based application – to send messages, the program for the initiation of VOIP-calls (Say, using Skype), the browser – for the usual interenet surfing and e-mail application – to work with your server mailbox. And just this requires a normal mobile phone! Depending on the parameters of your mobile phone, all of these options are pre-installed, but loading programs is often the most convenient option. Moreover, in addition to services Voip you have to pay only gprs. Do you need all these features are easily recognizable to you personally, try them in practice. It is likely that some types of communications you can perform without the aid of a pc, using only a cell phone.