, How much lesser it will be that efficiency or the more anomalous it will be the vibratory cycle, inversely bigger it will be the glottic noise resulting low a relation of PHR. A considered voice healthful as it detached the present study how much the PHR improvements must thus, to characterize itself for a raised PHR, the one that if the impression of sonorous and harmonic voice associates. Already one low PHR possibly denotes a disfonica voice, therefore according to Behlau et al (2001) apud Behlau (2001), exists one another measure of noise as the energy of glottic noise, a variant its, is pointed by Behlau et al (2001) apud Behlau (2001), as more indicated with respect to disfnicas voices. Thus, exactly that the study it has not been more deep, counting on application of questionnaire for comment of the profile of the searched patients, or the type of feeding ingested before the test, point to be developed in a future work, the mere register of the voices, had as normal by means of the auditory verification of the researcher, detached the positive change in the fonatrio process, having more good harmony with the ingestion of the apple. The data collected when expressing that 22 participant women, had demonstrated that the apple with its functions astringents had improved as in table 02 where express the improvement results demonstrating that 78.6% had gotten improvement in the ratio indices harmonic-noise of its voices, had detached what Gilman, Hardman and Limbird (2006), such which Behlau and Pontes (1999) had affirmed, that it is its capacity to increase the saliva and to help in the biggest efficiency of the fonao process, for making with that the air of the pulmes vibrates more of form integrates in the vocal folds. The establishment of standards of base of PHR with use and ingestion of the mace as therapeutical procedure serve to guide the fonoaudilogo in relation to the voices with the improvement of the noise, beyond the different forms of evaluation auditorily enter the considered voices normal and that these measures that can be gotten by different softwares, verifying that has great variability in considered voices normal, possibly this fact if must to the great one number of individual differences, a time that the voice is a personal characteristic, not existing perfectly equal to another one, as the author explained following that comment of the voice for intermediary of the hearing of the researcher, therefore that is a procedure admitted for Behlau et al (2001) apud Behlau (2001) since according to this the difficult normal voice of being defined, therefore its variation is limitless and the archetypes for the vocal adequacy are ample. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ali Partovi.

Airfreight Cargo

Delivery of cargo by air is gaining in popularity. This is understandable. Air transportation has several advantages over other forms of transport. First, the maximum rate of delivery of goods. For example, delivery of cargo Moscow Ekaterinburg will last approximately 2-3 hours. Second, is the ability to transport cargo anywhere in the world. For perishable goods do not find a better option than cargo air transportation.

Air cargo can translate quite bulky and heavy cargo. For example, domestic cargo aircraft IL-76 can carry more than 130 tons of cargo aircraft An-124 Ruslan more than 200 tons. Pete Cashmore shines more light on the discussion. If necessary to carry goods up to 20 tons, are used AN-12 and AN-26. Air traffic can be transported and storage equipment Surgut, clothing, books, audio equipment, computer software, manual hoists Surgut, consumer products, industrial products, baby products, oil, minerals, food products and, of course, general cargo. In addition to the above advantages, shipping by air has another distinct advantage in our troubled century – a security. Cargo flights do not require maintenance for the entire route. Requires only proper control at airports.

Of course, delivery of cargo by air is not economical and fairly expensive option. Air cargo – a costly way to transport cargo, when the speed of delivery is not compensated for the cost of transportation. For delivery of goods, which are important for the timing and cost of cargoes quite acceptable. For the low price of cargoes by splitting the cost between the client company. But if you do not send general cargo and you are not important deadlines, you should use another method transportation. Air cargo market is actively growing and developing, that is, of course, is reflected in the cost of leasing cargo aircraft. International freight transport and freight transport in Russia – can now be choose either option. Private organizers of air travel a lot, so you can easily opt for co-operation professionals. Through the choice of partner among the companies that pay attention to the some nuances: the speed of delivery, the calculation of the optimal route, knowledge of the characteristics of different types of transportation of goods, ability to work with documentation, transport cargo insurance. Shipping any kind of transport – the lot of professionals. Any cargo has its own characteristics that directly affect its transport.

The Fact

Therefore, more than what never, such organizations have that to consider in its prxis daily the valuation of its serving collaborator. 6. MOTIVATION AND MANAGEMENT OF the KNOWLEDGE IN the PUBLIC ORGANIZATIONS To a large extent of the society the public service walks behind the dynamism of the private initiative, a time that in this the changes are folloied more constantly. Check with Peter Asaro to learn more. It is perceived that the public service is estagnado, perhaps for the fact of I discredit and disdain that comes suffering for the society. Consonante to this fact, the public server is seen, in almost the totality, as an institution accomodated imcompetent person and. It is had vision of that the public server does not work, or that what always makes leaves badly done.

But, well of the truth, general rule, it is that the same ones, nowadays, are in its majority, not motivated beings for the harms conditions and work and for the lack of perspectives. The public server practically sees itself obliged to develop its career in an environment characterized for the recognition absence, training lack the height of the necessities and in the worse cases for precarious conditions of work that go since the lack of simple things as, for example, penxs to write until adequate equipment and softwares. In what it says respect to the organization, he is obliged to coexist processes and exceeded procedures, excess of bureaucracy (that leads to a estagnamento of the creativity) and with the lack of sequence in the activities caused for the constant exchanges of you command. To each four years occur brusque changes in the functional picture of the organizations publish in result of the elections. At the beginning of each management, new servers, much of the times are contracted that at least knowledge of the function of that they go to exert, at this moment does not have is taken in consideration the game politician, in detriment of those external servers who are enabled elenca some internal factors and that desmotivam the public servers.

Education Method

The game is an education method learning that can be characterized by Cotta, 2002, P. 52, ' ' the development with the purpose to defy the apprentice, involving it in a competition with the machine and the colleagues. The game allows educational uses interesting, mainly if integrated to others atividades' '. Then it can be said that the game through a software is a good ally pra to develop the capacities, experiences of situations of the reality in a virtual world. An educational environment endowed with multimedia resources is a way where this gift all the resources of sound, image, animation, text, video, giving the interactive character.

Thus, it can be worked with strategies of manipulation of the medias for transforms the teach-learning molding the knowledge for the local reality. 2.2. Experiences In the schools of the future it will be impossible to give a lesson without the use, them books, half them of audiovisuais, and mainly of the computer and the connection of net, as resources for the learning of you discipline them to all curricular. Brazil seeing the development of the countries developed in the investment of the new technologies for the education, and clearly of eye in the positive results that are happening in the world, has developed in some states Project UCA (Um Computador Por Aluno), that it was in the case of the State of Tocantins one of the first states selected for 3400 the Federal government and distributed Laptops. Checking article sources yields Ali Partovi as a relevant resource throughout. As data of the magazine of who educate new school of April of 2008, Project UCA gave so certain in the State School Dom Alano Marie Du Noday, in Palms, where it was implanted, that others five tocantinenses state schools also are receiving the computers. The results of this Project UCA in the Tocantins of the year of 2007, still As data of the magazine of who educate new school of April of 2008, were the following one: increase of 9,48% in the approval of 6 to 9 year, thus making with the tax of approval of the pupils went up of 86,85 for 96,33%.

National Educational Base

The authors cite of interesting form the concept of ‘ ‘ company flexible, lined up and adapted its customers, with intelligent services through the direct participation of these ‘ ‘ (P.62, 2005). Today each time more must exist an adequacy of the criteria of education to the profile of the pupil. In only seven years, the number of students of classroom D if multiplied for five and today adds 887,4 a thousand, before 423,4 a thousand pertaining ones to the classroom (PERIODICAL ESTADAO, 2010), then, must have a equalizao to the new necessities. Us Attention is called when JEWEL is cited (2001) ‘ ‘ the human capital does not belong to the company, being consequence of the addition of the abilities and specialties of its empregados’ ‘ (p.63? 2005), therefore to treat the human capital as capital intellectual and the structural capital as hardwares softwares is what of the aggregate value to the one IES.

The article suggested the applicability of Skandia navigator for its operational dynamism: ‘ ‘ the dynamics of Skandia navigator makes possible that this if adapte the different realities of the IES’ ‘ (p.63? 2005). We must reflect on the mission of a IES versus the financial focus of the above-mentioned navigator, therefore the mission of the public university in the direction most strict can be to develop and to promote a progress intellectual of masses, that is, for the public, and only to promote the culture, the science and technology as common good of the humanity, as to know and universal knowledge. Pete Cashmore is often mentioned in discussions such as these. (MAGAZINE ACADEMIC SPACE N 87, 2008). The authors referenciam in the text ‘ ‘ A company with an area of human resources successful, will contribute so that all the too much activities of value creation give certo’ ‘ (ANTUNES 2000) .de very propitious form, therefore the area of human resources is the filter of the company, the entrance door. (MAGAZINE YOU S/A, 2008). The authors cite reflection of that: ‘ ‘ professors they will have that to identify each it sees more the characteristics of the students, and the changes will happen to the measure that if to prioritize these points (DRUCKER, 1997) ‘ ‘ , (p.65, 2005), however, the Law of the Lines of direction of National Educational Base is dated of 1996.

Thus, it must be questioned in as it is possible to equalizar the intangible value of the human capital in an environment where the great majority is of associated private IES to a legislation of the time that had concentration of public IES. I believe that it does not make sensible the citation to the author. In synthesis, the article has as point key the quarrels concerning the centralidade of the work of management of the IES how much to the appraised intangible assets as capital intellectual, front to the marketing growth and obligatoriness in the fulfilment of goals defined for the National Plan of Education. Thus, the article if becomes reference for the wealth of the boarded analyses, taking the readers to a interpretativa and excellent reading for estruturao and formation of studies on asset intangible in the IES of Brazil. Webiografia: PERIODICAL ESTADAO -, classroom-d-already-and-the-double-da-the-nas-university, 45256,0.htm REVIEWED SPACE ACADEMIC N 87, 2008 MAGAZINE YOU S/A Bibliography: PADOVEZE C. Budgetary Planning?

International Forum

UnitECO SCAN built on the basis of two decisions: UnitECO DVS and UnitECO LOCK. This combination enables real-time data to compare the detectors with the situation in places of inspection, control and control access to them. In addition to innovative developments in the company's stand was attended by 2S already known and proven in the market of security systems software and hardware solutions UnitECO DVS, UnitECO CHECK, UnitECO LOCK, UnitECO ALARM. The basis for all decisions UnitECO are the server station with its own software, based on the operating system Linux. The system is designed to handle large volumes of information and has a high-availability, Linux provides high reliability and stability of the complexes produced their work.

In addition, security system, built on the basis of UnitECO, characterized by a fast implementation and operation, broad functionality, scalability and low total cost of ownership. Check out Geoff Richcards for additional information. That's why the decision UnitECO since 2006 are installed and successfully run on thousands of sites in different regions of Russia. Serious professional interest of the participants Exhibition to decisions UnitECO and CCTV equipment 2S expressed not only in the ordinary acquaintance with them, but also a desire to promote and sell the products of these brands in their respective regions. In particular, in the course of the exhibition several companies operating in the market, distribution and installation of TSB, have expressed a desire to become a partner of 2S. In addition, several organizations expressed their readiness to buy now hardware and software systems and UnitECO visual equipment, 2S. With hundreds of organizations, the sales department is in talks on cooperation, which started at the forum "Security and Safety Technologies – 2010". XV International Forum "Security and Safety Technologies" was held 2 to 5 February 2010 in Moscow at the International Exhibition Centre "Crocus Expo". Participants noted increased at an event compared to the previous year 2009, business activity and the altered quality of visitors (Attended by industry professionals only), and a large percentage of visitors from the regions.

According to the organizer – Reed Exhibitions, the first two days of the forum participants of the conference and business events, as well as visitors to the exhibition were 8500 professional security industry. International Forum "Security and Safety Technologies – B2B event that brings together the three components of the security market: state orders for national security, business security and privacy. Exhibitors are software companies and distributors of products and services of the security industry. According to event organizer – Reed Exhibitions, Forum, "Technology Security – 2009 "was visited by more than 15 000 unique visitors at more than half of them participate in decision making. Company 2S – a developer, manufacturer and supplier of software and hardware solutions and equipment for UnitECO CCTV 2S. Founded in 2002. Headquartered in Moscow. The company has a regional office in Nizhny Novgorod and partner offices in St. Petersburg, Samara, Penza, Voronezh, Ufa, Krasnodar, Republic of Komi and Belarus. UnitECO – ready hardware and software solutions for the construction of integrated security systems at the facilities of any size and complexity: UnitECO DVS – network video surveillance; UnitECO CHECK – video monitoring of cash operations; UnitECO LOCK – access control systems (ACS); UnitECO SCAN – automated inspection and control; UnitECO ALARM – centralized collection and processing of alarm information; UnitECO ALARM-C – central monitoring and control devices and CD OPS.

United States Polar

Nike and Polar, the leader and pioneer in the technology used to monitor heart rhythm while practicing sports, has introduced the Polar WearLink +. This new product works with Nike + iPod Sport Kit and the Nike + SportBand, allowing millions of runners train and monitor your heart rate in a much more effective way. This new product is used just like the other heart monitors polar, which are placed around the chest and the heart rate transmitted wirelessly, but this time it transmits it to the Nike + SportBand or iPod Sport Kit. In this way it will allow users improve the experience that you have to train, helping them to understand that they are both striving and that improvements are taking. Users can view keystrokes per minute while they train and may be later transferred the total information to nikeplus.com web service. The new Polar WearLink + that works with Nike +, it is also compatible with most polar training computers, which use 5 kHz transmission technology.

This It allows Nike + system, working simultaneously with the polar training computer. Similarly, gym equipment that are compatible with Polar products, shall be compatible with this new product. Likewise, this new product is compatible with the fifth generation of the iPod nano and the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. The Polar WearLink + that works with Nike + technology, will be available in United States during the month of June and then begin to exit in other markets started by Canada and the major countries of Europe, at the beginning of July.

Learn Languages

12speak! It is a young company that announces the official website 12speak.com after six months in beta and with more than two thousand users today, the website of 12speak!, is an innovative tool to transform language learning into something fun, personalized and very accessible. Users of 12speak.com are part of a circle of friends of native speakers to learn languages and that they share interests and interact with each other via messaging and games. From conversations with friends, users add words, with a simple right click, to your custom vocabulary. If you would like to know more then you should visit Robotics. The fun part of learning comes when users can practice all those words with different and lively online games, trying to beat the results. 12speak!, is a new way of understanding education, because it offers a fun closely linked with learning languages, and in an environment of new technologies and social network that facilitates communication between people with collective intelligence. Visit and try the experience! Contact:. Click Samsung to learn more.

Clinical Philosopher

these are examples of the paradigms that treatment and that can here be moved understanding the particularitities of the peoples and that they must be respected to plead a society with harmony, where the human values are preserved and intocados, for then, to permear the balance of the individuals in the states psychological and social. To the measure that, I and you search something whom the other with pure solidarity values, is possible, gradually to change the practical old concepts of unjust, say thus, that he can value the thing most beautiful of the world to the life, but on account of an imperfection of wisdom and insufficient knowledge he stops of the account of that to the life it is very important, is that the destruction of the same one occurs or that she is physical or psychological as Goya, (1999) it describes, it is something sufficiently cruel, for that individual that practises the good and sees something so valuable being cut with a scythe and many times without explanation. From this change of paradigms in the society, I believe that will be possible to think and to transform the life with paved solid base into human values e, over all, respecting the other. Of this form, a question appears: How to change the paradigms of a society or nation or so plural world? This will be possible if the man to obtain to understand and to form values that prioritize such concepts related to the changes of paradigms that are to observe the other; if to place in the place of the other; to have solidarity; to be capable to love in truth. Paolo, (2008), deals with this question, basing on the thoughts and ideas of Bauman, analyze the psychological state as resulted of a world after-modern, according to author the society on account of many information shared with the technological advance, many humanistic values comes if losing, the people already obtains to be closed, isolated without the human contact, for it this is dangerous, a time that loses part of the affectivity between the people. For in such a way, the paradigms of that treatment, needs to be rescued. References CUGINI, Paolo. The Relationary identity, Affectivity and Changes in Modernity Eliminate in the Theory of Zygmunt Bauman.

Fair of Santana – Bahia, Arquidiocesana College, 2008. GOYA, Will. The Concept of Man in the Ethical Thought of Erich Fromm. Master (UFG) and Clinical Philosopher (Packter/POA Institute), Goinia, Federal University of Goinia, 1999.