Madlen Jahnig

Dr. Bjorn Clausen, CEO of 3d berlin explains usage under We can equip, as we know it by Guide3D, now also two-dimensional levels plans our 3D technology with 3D-Wegenetzen. This for the first time, we have developed a 2D solution, we include in our portfolio in the medium term. This product diversification will increase demand interactive path control systems”. Content is has even cared any stationary system two small in the top banner and one in standby mode, the screen filling 2/3 three advertising space.

This makes a total of 12 advertising spaces, which are marketed independently by the Center. Also the shop presentation pages with text and images (HTML), as well as the shop tags are created and maintained by the Center. Maintaining their own data, as well as the extensibility, for example, features of the visitor feedback is especially attractive for our customers. This flexibility of our system will encounter increased demand.”Clausen added finally. Contact: Mrs. Madlen Jahnig madlen.jaehnig at 3d berlin vr solutions GmbH Gala Bergstrasse 16 10777 Berlin FON: + 49 (0) 30-81 61 20 79 demos: demo (for browser) (for smartphones) on La Belle Etoile la a shopping centre on the route d’Arlon (N6) in the town of Bertrange Belle Etoile is about 6 km from the city of Luxembourg. The shopping centre was opened on 3 July 1974 La Belle Etoile is cactus and located approximately 105 shops owned by the supermarket chain.

The commercial area extends over two floors. In Luxembourg, this is Belle Etoile shopping centre and the third largest employer. u ber 3d-berlin-the 3d-berlin vr solutions GmbH is an IT high-tech company specialized in building information and control systems. The company was founded in early 2007 to the PhD virtual reality specialists Dr. Bjorn Clausen and engineer Adrian zaidi as a spin-off of the Freie Universitat Berlin. Today 3d berlin technology leader is “Digital road signage” high in the area Quality of its products and services. Groundbreaking services solve the information and guidance system “Guide3D” orientation in large buildings and areas. Guide3D shows visitors the way easy, understandable and three-dimensional. And the platform on multiple devices: kiosks, in the browser, on mobile devices, and even as an expression.

GWAI Artist Scholarship

Hamburg art Navigator GWAI awards for the first time, artists Fellowship for the 25 International Summer Academy Pentiment Hamburg 24 may 2013. The Hamburg Internet art Navigator GWAI awards a scholarship for the 25 International Summer Academy Pentiment. “The two-week course watch scrap build” under the guidance of the Hamburg-based artist Tilman Knop deals with the topic of installation. It’s believed that Robotics expert sees a great future in this idea. Participants to create their own works with different materials and tools. Check out Ali Partovi for additional information. Our program aimed at artists and designers, art and design students, and talented Autodidacts who want to lead an artistic confrontation at a professional level and in an international environment”, explained Jan Kochermann concept of Pentiment Summer Academy’s artistic director.

A jury made up of members of the Pentiment Summer Academy and GWAI decides on the allocation of the scholarship. The course worth 550 euros held by 21.7. to 2.8 2013 in the premises of the University of applied sciences HAW, near the Aussenalster Lake. Applicants should at least five submit 6 samples of your work in digital form, deadline, send an email to the 21.06.2013. The International Summer Academy Pentiment of HAW Hamburg will take place for the 25th time this year. It offers a varied range of courses relating to free and applied art that are taken home and abroad by well-known artists from and held in English and German language. It opens up the possibility to enter up to three weeks in an intense work process, critical to reflect their own work in Group and individual discourses and to expose new impulses creative.

For the first time this year the Web-based hamburger art Navigator GWAI ( supports Pentiment Summer Academy. GWAI offers an informative and attractively designed overview of the current exhibitions are taking place in the Hamburg metropolitan area, art-loving hamburgers and visitors to Hamburg and acquaints them with the exhibition curators. We want the burgers, but also foreign visitors, a central Provide overview of the exhibitions in the galleries, museums and alternative spaces. In particular, our district filter should help to find galleries in the neighborhood. We can contribute so that hopefully small, to mitigate the migration of the art makers of Hamburg”, explained GWAI founder of EBI stain.