If the welder often have to adjust output settings, pick up vehicles with the gently dipping ivc. They are simple, reliable and cheap. Often such devices are equipped burner with a non-consumable electrode and the gas supply and tooling used for the argon arc welding. But then, for convenient and quality work is required switch (correction IVC). When working in inert gas will be useful feature Lift tig, which facilitates ignition of the arc. Its principle of operation is as follows: welder presses the electrode to the metal, but the current is applied to it immediately, but only at the time of separation from the surface. In recent months, Pete Cashmore has been very successful. Thus, the excluded the possibility of defects associated with the beginning of the seam. SEMI-AUTOMATIC machines (MIG, MAG) They supply wire (electrode) is automated.

The power supply supports the voltage constant and current changes in wide range. This method allows you to dramatically increase productivity and achieve high quality welds. As the melting (welding) electrode using solid wires or powder. It gives a special mechanism by which, incidentally, largely depends on the class of the semiautomatic. For domestic equipment, for example, characterized by low flow speed and the use of larger wire cross section (To ensure high performance.) It's not very convenient, and "Western" counterparts, as a rule, all the way around. To the time off did not occur welding electrode apparatus equipped by various devices. Thus, the braking coils almost instantly stops the supply of wire, and a system recovery arc gap, in contrast, introduces a lag in the power failure.

The most "advanced" device is equipped with function of the "short seam" – when pressed once the trigger of the torch machine is switched on for a certain period of time. Experienced welders prefer semi-automatic with chetyrehrolikovym feeders. It is believed that he less "squeezes" the wire, and it is very important when working with mild and self-protective materials. "Classic" version of "Classic" source – a heavy transformer, designed for standard 50 Hz. To install the Desktop current equip its composite core with a mechanical adjustment of the magnetic flux. The most important characteristic of any power source – ivc – he has defined a constructive and can not be changed during operation. Hence the mediocre dynamic qualities. This machine has a large weight and large size, but is reliable and practical "do not kill." If it is equipped with a rectifier, it often allows for work on the current two childbirth. On modern models often use thyristor controlled output parameters. This helps reduce the weight and dimensions, to reduce the inertia to implement some useful functions and improve the dynamic characteristics. Such devices are possible correction of the ivc and work with very small currents (up to 2A). Virtually all sources have access only to the dc. Inverter converter This device increases the frequency of the input current to 5-20 and then applies it to a compact transformer. Of course, management is electronically. Such a source is often equipped with all options. It works better than the classical one. On Welding electrode manual inverter transformers are used everywhere.

United States

A study shows a weight loss average of 50 kilos after 14 years, more than half of the excess weight of the patients before performing bariatric surgery. An analysis done by the Dartmouth Medical School found that the gastric bypass operation could increase life time two or three years longer than the average. Due to these successes, the volume of operations in the United States has tripled in recent years, from less than 20,000 in 1995 to more than 60 thousand this year. This increase is due to the growing number of obese Americans that there are in the country, improvements in surgery techniques, the testimonials of celebrities who carried out surgery and boast their successes, and the desire for the insurers to pay for the surgery as a cheaper alternative, instead of paying for all the costs of the health care arising from complications arising from obesity. These surgeries usually cost $ 20,000 in the United States, or a little more.

Both types of operations carry risks, as any surgery. One in every 100 to 200 patients dies due at the time of surgery or complications. Many patients have nutritional deficiencies and some will need subsequent surgeries to reconstruct her body after so severe weight loss. And while they lose many kilos, many patients are still above their ideal weight. Surgery is recommended only for those severely obese people (100 pounds or more for men, 80 extra pounds in women) or if they have no morbid obesity, but being overweight cause them health problems such as diabetes. Conclusion: Surgery is the last resort for those who can not lose weight with any other method. Goodbye obesity offers an alternative to all those people with obesity and have medical complications related to being overweight.

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Create Your Own Business Online

12. Custom Electronic newsletters more successful human beings associated with them. If possible, your newsletter must be in writing addressed to every reader and not a group of people. Always speak in his newsletter "You" or "Your" and preferably within the newsletter customize placing the name of the reader. This can be done easily and automatically using an autoresponder. 13. Enter terms with simple vocabulary. Not all readers understand the same vocabulary that you and your editors use.

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