Storing Vinyl Records

At the sound quality of records affected by competent use and storage. Take necessary records by the edges and the paper label, without touching the fingers of sound grooves. Before playing records to put on a rubber mat player, including rotation, and, to lowering the needle to sweep the paths of the graphite brush to remove electrostatic charges and remove dust. Only then you can omit the arm. Not permissible to record (even for a short time) to leave unprotected. Scratches, dust and grease – the main enemies that reduce sound reproduction.

Keep records should be in an upright position in Special anti-static bags, sacks. Do not store records near the heating elements (radiators, light bulbs) and expose them to direct sunlight. What to do in case If the plate is very dusty, besides oblyapany grease stains? In this case, dirt and dust are removed simple washing with soap and warm running water. Only instead of foam rubber sponges need to take a soft cloth with pile. These villi and will remove dust and dirt between the audio grooves records. Tap water should be lukewarm – the heat can warp records. The plate should be taken by both hands and bring it under running water, moistened with the two sides of the surface tracks. Should not be upset if the water soaked circular sticker – 'apple'. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Pete Cashmore.

Images will begin to flow on it does not. But much watering, better, do not. Then take lathered napkin (you can drop 'Fairy' or others), and circular movements are leading to record audio tracks on both sides. After that, wash off the foam, keeping the edge of the plate, being careful not to touch the tracks. Residual moisture is removed by two dry wipes (one in each hand). Washed records set in the upright position (or at a slight angle) for 30-40 minutes until dry. Of course, there are special washing machines for vinyl. But their unjustifiably high prices and expensive cleaning fluids for use, make them, are largely unnecessary for citizens, collects records. Because cleaning result records manually is not worse, and often Even better, gourmet washing machines. In Soviet times there was another way in which purified vinyl records: using pva glue. It is applied (in its pure form or diluted with water 1:1) with a brush on the surface of tracks plate. When the glue formed a translucent film, which is removed when removing dust and dirt. Purified plate produces smaller cod and gives a fuller sound stage, as opposed to dirty. We can say in another way: clean plate – clear sound. When washing by hand plates firms 'Submit' (and co-organized with her) after the 1989-1990 gg issue, look at the 'apples'. Stickers on them are not always prepared the same way that made them waterproof. And to use cheaper technology – such as plain paper and / or dot-matrix printer. Water soaking are 'apples' washes and oil paint. These vinyl records should be washed very carefully.

Railway Strategy

Deutsche Bahn and its expansion plans a large order is of course as of now in Qatar, signed a great thing: for the Deutsche Bahn, for Mr pit, but also for Germany itself. As a high-tech country, such orders for Germany are vital, because too little internal market exists, and this weakens this currently in many areas. However, Deutsche Bahn unit in danger, their building sites ‘ to be neglected in Germany. There are problems with the axis of the car, problems with the observance of schedules, and much more. Among other things with the fare. Of course has a quasi’-monopoly like the Deutsche Bahn the possibility the prize hands-free ‘ to determine even and especially in a market economy. But she does neither itself nor the environment which we all, especially our Government, so much emphasis put on any favors.

Why? Nice regularity rising prices not automatically also the yield increases as the car says to cover rising wage costs, etc. Although she already garnering billions profits. On the contrary, the user actually on the train tried to lower his costs, such as for example by carpooling with the car. That in turn is harmful for the environment, whose maintenance costs charged increases the streets, etc. ERGO: increases the cost of the railway these works by rising fares and thus damages the environment. Eco-apart from the observance of schedules would be a reduction of fares such as 3 or 4%.

So the train would likely get more some passengers. The effect would be, likely after and as the following sample invoice shows for all positive: the passengers and the environment, but also the income of the railway. For example: At a fare of 50 and 1000 passengers give 50,000 revenue. A higher yield results but at a Fahrpreisermassigung of 5% and a number of passengers rising by 6% for the railway. This invoice can be but still significantly positive changes of the factors and is only conceivable example. Total, million passengers are affected but also many kilometers of roads, etc. The economies of scale’ are likely to be not unknown of the Deutsche Bahn AG and as soon as the cross-border traffic is increasing in Europe, these issues are anyway, why not even now looking ahead is to so train and strengthens customer loyalty? If others are cheaper, the customers jump off otherwise and additional problems are foreseeable. Good customer loyalty they remain but largely by the DB. Not every other problem is quickly solved, but an improvement in the reputation does no harm just then. The idea that we finance the expansion in the desert to help, the financial situation is much better than here, is really no pleasure. Michael Richter – international marketing and sales consultant, Seekirch – deals with strategic marketing for more than 35 years. By organisational issues, internal and external, to the planning and marketing of various capital goods and durable goods on all 5 continents. The resulting knowledge and experience he global offers its customers for marketing and distribution, in particular SMEs. In addition, he offers practical support, coaching or business seminars. Michael Richter – international marketing and sales consultant Hauptstrasse 27, 88422 Seekirch/Germany marketing = = country experiences – T:. 07582-933371

Gettin Spiritual Peace

The peace of mind is the most valuable thing we can grow. Nobody can give us peace of mind, the only ones that really steal our peace of mind are our thoughts, doubts. For peace of mind does not need to go to a mountain reclusive, spiritual peace can be experienced now in the place where you are. The most important thing is to assess the spiritual peace. If you really value, we will do everything possible to obtain it. I give you a few tips to get more and more peace of mind.

1. Choose carefully where you invest your time. If you're a news junkie and spend hours reading newspapers every day, our minds will be troubled by the negativity you find in the world. It is necessary to detach from negativity, and for that we need to stop spending time looking at the problems that you find there in the world. If you have 15 minutes to spare no fences directly to turn on your TV or connect to the Internet.

Take the opportunity to do something positive for you. The problem of our mind is to feel insecure unless they 're busy with something. However, when we reassure the peace and happiness reach inside. 2. Our thoughts control our thoughts which determine our mental state. If you constantly have negative thoughts and destructive mental peace never come to us. We must avoid at all costs continue this kind of negative thoughts, of course we can not be masters of our thoughts from day to day but we must remember that you can choose which thoughts to obey and which to reject.

SLM Solutions Increases Presence In The United States

Additive manufacturing techniques equipment made in Germany SLM Solutions GmbH, pioneer and technology leader for the additive manufacturing and rapid tooling, will expand the capacity in the United States. With the relocation of the branch to Novi, Michigan and recruiting additional staff, SLM solutions continues to expand their activities in the US market. With the establishment of its new subsidiary of SLM Solutions NA and the opening of the branch in Novi, Michigan will be the support of the Geschaftspartnerweiter improved and expanded. The distributors and end customers can obtain the SLM solutions in future directly from the United States. The US subsidiary will provide the entire range of the manufacturer. For the expansion of US spot an experienced application and service engineer won Roland Kaiser. WELL the latest SLM systems available are soon Jim Fendrick, Vice President, SLM solutions.

The US Office is another step in the globalization strategy of the manufacturer from Lubeck. “Jim and Roland are both personalities in our market segment, which are known for years in the United States. We are happy to be able to edit this important market with a competent team,”explains Hans Ihde, CEO of SLM Solutions GmbH. The company has presented at the EuroMold in December 2012 the latest SLM 500 HL plant and sees a lot of interest from the air and aerospace industry in North America. Jim Fendrick, operational Director of the SLM Solutions NA, and for the US market, added: “this larger and faster machine is our response to the ongoing needs of our customers for larger sizes and improved productivity. We see a great potential for this plant in the U.S. market. “SLM solutions will further expand the team in Novi with the growth in the US market this year.

About SLM Solutions GmbH, the SLM Solutions GmbH, manufacturer of machines for small series and Pro types production in Lubeck, Germany, supports its customers since more than 50 Years with solutions in the fields of vacuum casting, metal casting and selective laser melting. Focus industries of the SLM solutions are the automotive industry, educational institutions, consumer electronics, aerospace, and medical technology. As pioneer and technology leader develops, constructs and builds SLM solutions technical and economic solutions for the benefit of their customers. SLM solutions brings many years of experience in the rapid manufacturing plant construction a, dominated the processes and has cross-industry know-how. SLM solutions has built their reputation and their expert knowledge in the market under the company names HEK GmbH, MCP HEK Tooling GmbH and last MTT technologies GmbH.

Making Taste

To sip of beer gave the man not only happiness thirst quencher, but also enjoy wonderful taste, the brewers need to work hard. Others including Steve Wozniak, offer their opinions as well. It would seem that what is easier – to take the malt, hops, yeast water, yes, and it's done! However, not all so simple. On the quality of each component and strict compliance of production technology depends on whether the beverage is poured into the cup of the gods, or we get a liquid misunderstanding. Therefore, the art of brewing has always been honored for worthy and respected occupation while his secrets passed from generations. Now often beer produce from barley malt although some recipes this drink can meet malt Wheaten, rye corn and oaten. Sometimes used in several types of malt. Malt called sprouted grain crops. For the preparation of high quality beer is very important to choose the right this component.

Get malt special varieties of barley. Grains are cleaned, screened and selected. Followed by disinfection stage, after which the substrate is soaked for several days. Each grain carefully inspected experts before being decision about whether it is worthy to become the basis of the drink. During soaking, favorable environment for germination of seeds, and at this time begin to form the basic taste of the malt. Once the grain germinate, they are dried and cleaned of germs. The resulting malt should ripen for a month in special circumstances, until his tasting quality is not reached its climax. Of dried malt is lighter beer and fried – are dark.

Home Security Video

Watch home security video that is used in this day and time, and you will realize that the user has come to understand the importance of their safety. Agree with the safety of the humble abode, this gadget comes with an accuracy of precision that allows all people to work with him, including children. There is not much you need to configure security for home video since products with initial right to your liking, cannot operate it by themselves. Over time, one feels safe once it has been installed since it helps to have a vision of what is happening outside your House when it is on the inside. It can also be used to help the authorities to maintain the order of a given location, for example, if an area was characterized by the thefts, the system will help if records are still kept intact.

In this way, a reduction of crime in the area will witness. A fully developed home safety video is able to capture all areas that has been mounted to focus and offer a wide range of security. If interrupted by power failure the system has a backup battery that can last an hour guarantee security and given enough time to change power to other measures of safety in case of sudden failures. These products are available in most major markets and electronic shops in the world. If you intend to get one for your personal use, don’t forget to take a look at the various models available and requirements that best suit your needs. This will not only give you a wide variety to choose, but will also ensure that it will save you time and money.

Plastic Pipes

In some neighborhoods in buildings with high comfort standards unit can reach 500-1000 L / (person-days.) The Russian experience shows that usually equal to the specific wastewater-specific drink consumption. The effect of market relations in the utilities sector will affect the specific drainage, so it must constantly learn and refine. The costs of water from showers and foot baths are determined by the hourly consumption of water is equal to: one shower net – 500 l / h at one foot bath with mixer – 250 l / h. The duration of the procedure is the water shower 8 min., Bath – 16 min. Code.orgs opinions are not widely known. The duration of use of shower and bath 45 minutes. with a uniform water use and drainage systems, deniem.

Specific drainage of industrial wastewater – is the amount of water, m3, to be allowed per unit of output. The specific wastewater depends on the type of production and the degree of perfection of the water technology. Pete Cashmore is likely to agree. The most perfect – with continuous manufacturing processes of re-circulating water use, have the lowest value of the share disposal. During the rainy season and snowmelt there is a significant admission to the network of drainage of rain and meltwater. In this regard, there was the requirement to check the calculations of drainage networks permit maximum flow rates with the additional influx of rainwater and meltwater. Reliable reception and disposal of wastewater in the above period may be reduced provided the design content of collectors, not to exceed h / d – 0,7, which naturally increases the cost of construction of drainage networks.


For Ns et al. (2001) the roof is more significant the constructive element in avcola installation, how much to the control of the radiation solar incident. The flow of heat through the coverings, together with the raised temperatures in the inferior face of the roofing tiles, is the root cause of the discomfort in the interior of the installations. The ventilation is necessary to eliminate the excess of humidity of the environment and the bed, proceeding from the set free water for the breath of the birds and the dejections, to allow the renewal of air and to eliminate odors (STOLEN; AZEVEDO; TINOCO, 2003), and that one of the alternatives to improve the thermal conditions and to promote the renewal of air, is the forced ventilation. When it does not have problems with the saturation of the air inside of the aviaries, can be used the system of evaporative cooling, consisting basically of the use of vaporizars, allowing that the saturated air of the environment does not enter in contact with the water in temperature lower, occurring then to the exchange of heat between air and the water. To reduce the temperature of the roofing tile and circunvizinhana in the hours of intense heat, aspersion can be used on covering. The avcola production, for its competitiveness, requires simple, projected constructions of form that allows the natural thermal conditioning, being used the artificial system of conditioning when if only not to glimpse another situation (ABREU; ABREU, 2002). To if planning an installation, that is, to promote the thermal conditioning of the same one it is necessary to know the characteristics of the natural way that constitute the local climate and to compare them with the conditions of physiological comfort of the birds for which if it projects the installation. Of the confrontation of the two situations the modifications are gotten that must be carried through in the natural climatic situation, the half ones are deduced to get them and are elaborated solutions constructive and energy techniques.


I didn’t have nothing to do with the death of Monica. When I left his house he was sleeping peacefully, like the other time we made love before. And Fermin Fermin I was there, talking to him. Only a few seconds, I had distracted to look at my countenance in that showcase. Then appeared the other. Ali Partovi recognizes the significance of this.

And Fermin fell dead. Well, the other did not appear exactly, but that I saw it on the glass of the shop. When I turned I only I had eyes for the poor newsagent, so I did not see anyone more. But, at who wanted to cheat? I was alone in the room. Talking to myself.

Telling me that I wasn’t a murderer a murderer! It was intended to deceive myself? Wouldn’t mine a brutal paranoia? Wouldn’t it be, simply, driving me crazy? It was then when the doorbell rang. -Now my turn to continue with the story. I knocked on his door. I knew that I was going crazy. Perhaps it was still too early to settle that matter, but he viewed me time. So it was just then when I called ringer. At the beginning there was only a thick silence, like foreboding. After a while I heard a few cushioned footsteps by distance, the carpet or the fear that everything could be. I heard his familiar voice, acuciada nerves: who is? You know who I am. And you also know that I have the key to your apartment. It opens quietly so that we talk about. I heard her breathing quickly, within. Probably he had supported in the door, agavillando forces for daring to cross me entry. I had to insist: do not try to delay the inevitable. But who is? He repeated weakly, with the faint hope that was not to happen what feared. I am yourself. You already know.