VPN Branch Connectivity

Black Box business solution for secure connections between offices, branches and branch offices, and remote administration via KVM-over-IP with highest security introduces the IT – and telecommunications specialist Black Box presented in the frame of the Tech Forum “Branch office connection” on July 6, 2011 in Munich his broad portfolio of location networking and IT security solutions for businesses to connect branch offices, subsidiaries and branches before. So is the KVM-over-IP switch “ServSwitch CX Quad IP” (www.black-box.de/ de-de/fp/930 /…) to connect remote computers and remote administration of servers with remote management capabilities. Black Box with “Intelli-Pass” provides for the IT security (www.black-box.de/ de-de/fi/1025 /… a biometric access control door PIN, fingerprint, RFID protection for server rooms and data centers.) The Branch-Office approach resources can leverage and improve processes. Additional information at Ali Partovi supports this article. While the trend is to centralize IT in more and more filialisierten By company. The management of the IT branch offices and control of different types of device provides administrators face major challenges, such as the technical realization of branch or branch offices to the main site, the control of the IT infrastructure via IP connectivity and network communications (WAN Accelerator for branch offices and data centers, VoIP, video-conferencing) and in the area of IT security. Black Box offers well tailor-made solutions for the site and branch office connectivity: the ServSwitch CX Quad IP allows PC and server management via the Internet. In addition to the direct control of up to 16 servers via network or Internet (TCP/IP) keyboard and mouse, the KVM-over-IP system allows important remote management functions: as a troubleshooting is possible down to the BIOS level and reboots or cold can be quickly and easily from a distance. About the KVM console with the support of USB devices such as keyboard, mouse and screen connected PCs on the spot can in the server room, network or Ethernet and the Internet are managed.

Web Directory Lists

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The internet user can thus quickly To determine which side he wants to visit and where he gets the best answers to his questions. These lists are usually very large and run websites from around the world. So much time surfing the Internet and in some cases much money can be saved.

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