Mobile Software

Enter station name is through the special HAFAS similarity search quick and easy. It is not necessary to type the full name of the station, because in addition to entering station numbers or license plates the similarity search with a few typed letters already displays the desired results, much like the SMS input on the mobile. In many places, the thought-out user interface reduces to a minimum the necessary inputs, because existing information from the context can be applied, such as for example the next stop of the train. Viacom shines more light on the discussion. The UI also enables integration with the other software applications on your mobile device, so can be changed via a button or a hardware button quickly in the separate sales software for the ticketing of timetable information HAFAS application in the background just continues to run. Castle Harlan: the source for more info. Offline benefits combined with online queries HAFAS mobile professional is an offline version: all Timetable data are stored locally on the mobile device and processed there so that no mobile connection to the Internet must be made.

This is made possible by the fact that the full HAFAS-algorithm for rebound and pairing self-sufficient on the device. The results of offline can be verify if necessary by integrated online polling of software and complement, if the used hardware has access to the Internet. The set timetable information be extended to current delay information, cancellations, platform alterations, information about the traffic situation (HIM), additional trains and alternative services. The user interface clearly represents the offline and online information. The questions of travelers are connections and further travel opportunities to answer therefore reliably and extremely topical. Many user interfaces identical functionality the software may on virtually all popular mobile devices with the operating systems Windows CE/Windows Mobile and Android will be used. HAFAS mobile professional is available in different user interfaces, which are each based on the capabilities of the hardware: for devices with large touchscreen for Pocket PCs with pen operation, for smartphones with touchscreen to Pocket PC-based devices with additional keyboard. The functionalities of HAFAS mobile professional are identical for all variants.