A Preliminary And Final Audit

When mounting fixture shall be audited: Pre – before installing the operating position and a final after all the washing and purging pipelines preliminary audit valves should subjected to the assembly site in order to verify the quality of fittings and address the identified defects in the following amounts: check the documentation: availability of passports, certificates and relevant technical documents; check for mechanical and other damage done by visual inspection of products, check availability and integrity of seals, testing products according to specifications and requirements for the delivery of drawings in full volume, according to technology company, which makes installation, inspection for compliance with technical dokumentatsiipo quality interior surfaces, in full, provided technology company, which makes installation. Upon completion of the audit the internal surfaces of parts and assembly units are washed and degreased, guided by the requirements of the drawings. Openings nozzle valve should have the caps and seals. If the audit is to conduct a visual inspection, cleaning and degreasing is performed. Visual inspection of produce to clarify: The integrity and security of the factory packaging Presence on the connections plugs Completeness: the presence of handles, handwheels, gaskets, flanges, bolts, nuts, etc. Exception of the following defects on the surface of body parts: Cracks Shells fistula Requirements spindle: For smooth movements throughout the course, without jerks Spindle thread must be kept clean and have no dirt on the thread there must be no disruption and no burrs permitted on the surface of a gland: free of corrosion, scratches, nicks, etc. defects gasket seal shall not obstruct the free movement of the spindle, it is necessary to delay seal evenly, not upright. If this technology provides installation, when you receive reinforcement before the expiration of the warranty period of storage, packaging intact, with warranty seal having a stigma, and all necessary documentation, it is subjected to revision and testing.

All fittings, acted after the warranty period subject to audit. For such valves: need to replace all non-metallic parts in the event of the past period of storage require testing for tightness and strength with drawing up an act Regardless of the warranty period, all valves, received without plugs or damaged their original packaging, being: Audit leak tested the action with respect to the fixture has a malfunction or received by the shortage: the rejection direction of the workshops for the finalization of completion shall invite a representative manufacturer to produce the act. To conduct the final audit fittings disassemble, check the condition of the sealing surfaces and moving parts. After that, purified from the armature pollution, falling into it during washing. Remove scale, welding grant and other contaminants.