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In our case, we will implement two drop-down list (see Figure 11) for the two fields OS Type and OS Version, which were created earlier. Figure 11. Determining the shape of general element to specify the name of the field when placing a custom extension makes no sense, because it will set the value for several fields. Also, do not specify a label element, because all the objects already signed. The basic idea is to expand the user that the installation of new values into the work item is to change the events of the selected index drop-down list.

string OSTypes = ‘Microsoft Windows’,’ Linux ‘,’ Novell Netware ‘,’ Sun Custom extension is shown in the figure below (see Figure 12) Figure 12. User control on the form’s use of the work item The second method – use this event work item, in particular events was removed before the object will change the work item in the user’s extension (the property WorkItemDatasource), because user control will continue to receive events from the object, even if the form has already been closed. Also, custom extension will not be unloaded from memory until the work item object is unloaded, which may lead to memory leaks. This handler will be called when the value of any field worker Defining a custom control on a form Conclusion Using custom controls to forms of work items in TFS allows you to extend the standard capabilities of the system and modify them to the needs of its organization. Use opportunities to create custom extensions are not limited to the creation of graphical objects, as they can introduce not only the elements of a graphical interface, but also run external applications that can be used to integrate with various external systems. In addition, custom extensions allow you to modify the logic of behavior not only of individual fields on the form, but form of the work item as a whole, because nothing prevents a separate form for your work item and the “transfer” of the logic behavior of this element on a new form. Additional Resources How to use Custom Controls in Work Item Form -; Customizing Work Item Types – A project with custom extensions that are used in the paper for MS Visual Studio 2008 – sample.