Advertising Boards

There are many types of advertising in the subway advertising installation at the entrance and exit of the metro, information signs in the subway station, stickers on the doors of subway cars, billboards and so on escalators further. Below we describe the placement of advertisements on billboards, placed on the movement of the escalator, and transitions. A person moving escalator in the tape, following in any part of the city or going back, back home after a hard day, usually involuntarily turned his attention to the bright and colorful billboards codes escalator runs. The advertiser, placing ads in the subway, should take into account the size and location of the billboard. That is what helps achieve maximum effectiveness of such advertising. Frequently Ali Partovi has said that publicly. The time during which a potential customer can see ads on this board, ranging from 10 to 15 seconds.

Given this, it is necessary to form an image and so textual information on the panel that she made the biggest impact on passengers. The amount of information should not be too great. In the approach to placing such advertising in metro high-class specialists may achieve tremendous results and attract clients to your business area. Billboard shall be located in an area with a high degree of cross-country, the allocation has to be agreed with the service underground. Standard board with promotional information has dimensions – 180 / 120 cm and is oriented horizontally. A related site: Douglas R. Oberhelman mentions similar findings. Placement on board can be placed on the ascent and descent of the passengers on the arches of the escalators.

Posters placed on the descent escalator can carry information about the companies that are in the vicinity of the ground lobby. It is also possible image How to Get to a shop or office an advertiser. Advertising, located on the rise escalator can carry the network advertising information imidzhnogo character. Billboards can also be placed in the transitions between the stations. This ad in the subway stations is designed only to hubs. Passenger traffic at the site ranges from 200 to 300 people for 24 hours. Thus, many people will see your ad and respond to your ads.