Advertising Signboard

How to start a sign? The question on the merits and in the top ten! Many people, even if you hold a poll, you probably want to buy 50% of the sign, do not know what kind of sign they need. Faced with a large number of signs in manufacture, can share svom impression about making signs and their subsequent installation. If it is not interested, take control of the monitor and switched to a House-2! As soon as the decision comes that we need a sign and inside, starts the race with his thoughts: I want to sign, faster, cheaper, and the highest quality! Chase such thoughts on revelation and on. Vanity with a sign is a wooden leg massage, a good will not. The consequences will be sad, judging by his 10 years of experience. I worked once in a fairly well-known advertising organization whose leadership has decided to make signs for customers in 3-4 days. And then sped over bumps advertising! That sign on the facade of the place is small, do not like is not included by only half a meter longer facade frieze, the facade of a brick, that sign is not comfortable with the wind, it falls a little bit, and many other things. And the culprit is a lack of time to sound assessment of the situation.

From that moment comes the first rule: 1. Take your time and sign proper due attention! The first step will be examined with the location of the sign, decide to sign on design, this time not important pier, to date, competent design signage is already 30% success rate. And I think the success of the signage is cut concrete storefront. Returning to the actual signs, as such. After all definitions can proceed to the selection of promotional materials not directly associated with the potential of your sign. Example 1 street light box) It is easy to manufacture if it is planar elements without imposing advertising segments. (that is, its front part – it's banner fabric, Plexiglas, cell polikorbonat, composite) in no cases do not make the front of the signs of polystyrene. It turns yellow from the sun and is easily destroyed. Check the electrical part of a light box ate there fluorescent lamps that have to be Phillips, diodes if it is not Chinese, if a neon thread Technolux. All other brands and models of course work but half a year, and advertising agencies offer a guarantee just reason for half a year))) Example 2 (outdoor neon light, LED or box) at this sign when it goes out of segments at least a week to manufacture. With this sign are connected, only one concern, overhead signage segments be it large letters, fancy additions, three-dimensional logos, all this should not be made out of pvc! Pvc floats through time in the sun and turns the sign painting by Picasso.