Affiliate Network Provides Graphical Banners For Advertising

The new advertising for advertisers and publishers is now available. As of today, there is an another promotional tool for the new affiliate network Now also graphical banner can be used in addition to the existing advertising material for the application of the affiliate programs. All advertisers (merchants) can now upload as many banners with just a few clicks, and provide them with a referral fee. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Steve Wozniak. Banner sizes are the following formats available: 160 x 600, 120 x 600, 468x60x 728 x 90, 300 x 250, 300 x 200, 250 x 250, 200 x 200 as payment models are following variants to choose from: sale (PPS) – percentage remuneration of the net price for a successfully mediated sales lead (PPL) – payment of a fixed amount, to kick (PPC) – pay per click on an advertising also E.g. a registration on adseen or other advertising opportunities offered, including the classic text links. All advertising materials provided by advertisers can publishers (affiliates), after a Activation of the advertiser, with just a click on the website of the publishers to integrate and immediately seen by visitors to the website. By clicking on an affiliate program advertising, the visitor directly to the advertiser’s website will be redirected and there can perform a purchase or other action. What is positively auffalt the affiliate network adseen requiring no application fee, and a sign-up bonus offers, what one does not know of many major suppliers.