Air Curtain Air Turbine

As a result, increasing the temperature at the floor and committed an additional heating of the room. If air-air heat curtains secure true flow of warm air will remain in place even when the door is open. When the door is closed heat flow will be even stronger. itself, the veil may be an additional heating device. use the remote control with a choice of air flow, the air curtain to make a real heater. When you change the air flow curtain changing and the temperature – the lower the amount of heated air, so it is warmer.

But with an increase in its consumption has interfered with outdoor air. When working with remote control allowed to select the desired mode at the moment. Air Curtain Air platten – is an oblong heater, forming a flat and strong airflow. Hull contains the heater (electric or hot water), fan nozzle exit the jet. Fan through one of the walls of the shell is pumping air from the premises, air flow is warmed in the heater, and then pushed through the nozzle as a jet plane of the opening or at an angle to it.

great importance is the basic unit details curtains – turbine (fan shaping air flow). For optimal and smooth flow of air needed solid turbine over the entire length veil, with the engine at its end. Because the turbine to produce 800 mm longer than usually difficult to separate manufacturers combine two small turbines and install the engine in between.