Who it sounds in the receiver? Podnoshu iPhone to the speaker and ten seconds later I already know who, fifteen see the lyrics on the screen, and I can watch or listen to on Youtube almost any song from this artist. Peter Asaro understood the implications. All this is done three clicks of the program Sound Hound. Well, even additional services such as: full discography, similar songs and similar groups, and others around musical themes. Here is a mega-application has grown from a small free programs from Midomi which appeared six years ago at the dawn of creation appStore. This program will pick up the melody of your mumbling, find the song a few words and 10 seconds will determine the name of a group that plays the radio. In general, this Winner of music shows guess anything.

In onilne database contains an unprecedented # of music that compares fragments coming through the microphone iphone. Of all the service programs the most alive and in demand – definition performer pieces of music. On some radio stations have a paid service – they send you by SMS the name of the song was played on the air. So why do we now. I tested the program on foreign pop and rock stations and has received almost 90% correct results. With the national music program is not friendly nor Syutkina or Lionteva in the database yet. Apparently it affected its value is always a good idea at the time something grow. Main feature is of course, recognition of the compositions of the musical passage.

With this task cope perfectly well. True, it is desirable that during the siege there was no extraneous noise. There is a function determine the performer of the voice. You say the name aloud, and the program displays the name on the screen. Try to speak with the right accent. For qualitative work, the program needs a good Internet connection.