ASUS Recovery System

'Hilenky' Celeron 630 MHz frequency, funny today the RAM to 512 MB (64 of which go back to the needs of the graphic chip), and poor 4GB ROM are fairly bleak picture. And here also can download Online Windows XP, in conjunction with additional software packages give the user only 250 MB of free space. Only one way out – by removing all to hell! More creative way to solve the problem shortage of places can be so precious, creating an assembly of the operating system from scratch. Let's help our tiny friend! The attached to the laptop CD-ROM ASUS Recovery System folder is a file RECOVERY EeePC. In conjunction with the Norton Ghost utility for a few moments there is a restoration of the system. Learn more about this with Viacom. Through it you can reinstall XP. But to make a distribution to go to the directory i396XP, where a spy named Eee PC Multilanguage package and presented to the distribution Windows XP HOME SP2.

Copy the folder entirely on the hard drive. With the same discs can be copied to the laptop ASUS drivers in the correct directory. A great 'builder' Windows XP to this day is a free software nLite. But in order for the program identified the newly created folder i386XP, there must also copy the files WIN51 (need to install SP3) and WIN51IC. You can find them in any distro fifth 'windows' or in the vast all-knowing Google. In the same directory as portable BOOTFONT.BIN, if you do not want to install the system to see instead of Russian symbolism incomprehensible hieroglyphics.