Bioledex Series

V2009, the German company Del-ko launched a line of led fixtures (LED lamps) for lighting under the brand name Bioledex.V now just around the corner is the end of 2010. Boleechem two years that have passed smomenta grounds trademark Bioledex in the range of brands etoytorgovoy happened very mnogoizmeneny, such as the emergence of new products, as well as obsolete types of led lamps. Vetoy article I want to consider the major changes range led bulbs for lighting homes, offices and streets Bioledex. Gone on a holiday led lights Bioledex in the form of corn cob SuperFlux power consumption of 2, 4, 8, 13 Tues At present the place of these lamps in the range Bioledex took the lamp series numo. These led lamps also have the shape of a hedgehog, but they are much smaller items, discontinued products, both in length and diameter. Lamp Series numo produced 5 Watt (lamp replacement Filament 35-40W) and 8 W (replacing incandescent 50-60 watt).

Another very significant advantage of new led bulbs series numo – lamps operate as a variable, and on a direct current, which greatly increases their resistance to both power surges, which, unfortunately, not uncommon in our power grids, and resistance to frequency interference. Ie In this case, we have led lights – a complete analogue of incandescent bulbs. Just lowered the price of these led lamps – for the same price you can buy led lamps are much more brightness. Check with Ali Partovi to learn more. Also in the series appeared numo led bulb 10 watts, replacing incandescent lamps 75-80 Tues Another novelty – led lamps Bioledex Series numo now available and with the possibility of regulating the brightness of conventional dimmer.