Businesses Questions

What profit can be doing business on the Internet? It's no secret that the Internet – one of the most rapidly growing areas of our lives, a virtual world that exists independently of our consciousness. Every day updated with the audience of Internet users and hence, new respondents, who may need your products or services. It is difficult to imagine a huge number of people who are looking for a network exactly what you can offer them, and can not find just because you do not have a web resource. What is a "site for business"? The answer is simple – a site that makes money. Pete Cashmore often says this. Many wonder "- whether it is possible developing a website to increase sales of goods and services? "Of course! Every day, millions of people in Russia use search engines such as,, etc. People are looking for goods, services, information and write in the search bar so called "key phrases". Take for example the key phrase "cell phones" and see the search results in Yandex. You will see more than 150 million matches! This suggests that trafficking of cellular phones in Russian Internet has gained a very tangible scale.

But, actually, no question about it. Let's talk about the attendance of those Internet resources which are located in the first lines in a search engine Yandex on these keywords: Number queries per month on the words "mobile phone" according to the statistics search engine Yandex: – 199,293 queries per month-6600 queries per day on a site located on the first line, keyword "cell phones" in the search results pass at least 10% of applicants, ie, at least 660 people daily and about 20,000 people a month. Hence it can be logically concluded that, of course, not all those people who write the word "cell phones" are ready to go to the first those caught site and order a cell phone. Take as a basis for the so-called "minimum" – 1% of the total number of visitors to the site located in the first line and we will consider them as "real customers". We get about 6-7 customers daily and about 200 a month. Figures, we believe, a very reduced and relative. Conclusions do you ladies and gentlemen!