To say farewell itself finding To meet is also to say farewell itself. If that is good or if cause pain, I cry, homesickness Certainty is that before this meeting also another one it had, and of this we abdicate, at opening to the new moments, New things and, mainly, people, With which we divide our virtues and lacks, But also add what we are for making the project of come-the-being That as one continuum, it goes appearing, It goes being born and in remaking. Saying farewell itself perhaps does not mean to leave what of the place to the new, But it can mean to use the rank as base for the newness that appears. To fear the new, is fearing in them to that we maturamos in renewing? it is exactly paradoxical. Truth is that we do not maturamos alone, this is only possible In the attrition of bodies that inhabit one same sentimental space, existential-constitutional. We made together! We are has broken ones of the others. thus we fire in them to the starts for new starts. In this direction, it seems that end in what does not exist we make, in what is. To say farewell itself is to meet? here we find lenimento? Creating courage it stops projecting in them to the dark one, and in this, to each step, bringing fire, Alumiando with what we are: it offers for new possibilities. Never the same ones, Until the next meeting! Ailton Arajo of France