Computer Science

Laboratory of Learning: Contributions of computer science for the Psicopedagogia Anne Mossi Vieira Summary. This study it has as subject the new technologies of information and communication in the initial years of Basic Ensino, its importance and challenges as well as the form as it is being seen in the pertaining to school and social context in the psicopedagogia. Being based on the analysis of workmanships of studious researchers and of the subject, it was possible to identify to concepts and beddings on computer science in the school so that it can contribute in the brainstorming for the difficult question of the learning problem. Leaving of these analyses importance of the relations between professor-pupil and the computer is verified it, through which the child acquires knowledge qualify that it to intervine, participating actively in the social world, searching answers by means of the concentration and logical development. It is also evidenced, the importance that the professor must give to its proper formation, being it link between pupil-learning, since psicopedagogo must develop its action, englobando some fields of knowledge. How much to the school, the same one must provide moments where the digital inclusion if becomes beyond a pleasant and interesting act, so that the child is instigated to get good results. Word-key: Computer science, Professor, Pupil, Education, Psicopedagogo.

Abstract.This dissertation has its theme the new information technologies and communication in initial gratings of beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code education, its importance and challenges well the way it ploughs being seen in the context in school and social psychopedagogy. (Not to be confused with Pete Cashmore!). Based on Co-analysis of works of researchers and scholars of to matter, it was possible you identify concepts and pleas in law on informatics in school that can contribute you the search will be solutions you the difficult question of the problem of learning. Based on these analyzes you notice-if the importance of relations between teacher-student and to computer, through which the child acquires knowledge which entitle you intervene, actively participating in the social world, seeking answers by means of concentration and logical development.