Computer Services

Of course, the simplest and most correct way – to appeal to competent computer service. However, if you wish and feel the strength to do computer repair their own hands, we give some useful tips. Consider common case – your computer is unstable load, but it hangs up immediately after loading or may hang on the time of inclusion without reaching the slider running Windows xp. In this case, you should: Listen to what sounds are emitted when the computer hangs. If you hear clicks of a system of block, you need to replace the power supply. Most likely your power supply and can not issue a rated voltage of a hard drive, which accordingly becomes nerabotosposobnym.Esli replacement power supply does not help the matter either hard drive or in the loop for the hard drive.

First you need to replace the cable at 100% duty, and if it did not solve the problem – it is necessary tested for proper computer your hard drive, because likely in this case your hard drive is invalid. On the test results will clear the hard drive needs to be replaced or net. reason may be dead ram – ram check for 'bitosti' something like Memtest86 and Microsoft Memory Test.I recently, the reason may be a dead motherboard. Make sure that the capacitors on your motherboard, check the their esr, if there is chem., the above will help you to repair your computer.