Construction Equipment Innovator

On this construction technique, which is offered on the market today, 15-20 years ago was not even dreamed of! Here's to take even such popular things as digging holes under the billboards, fences or cable channels! So far in the boonies for these purposes of hiring poor gastorbayterov, and even themselves take shovels in hand! Even, I'm sorry, the graves are still many cemeteries digging by hand! Mini excavators designed for just such things. Digging depth and volume of the bucket at them small, so use them mainly for those operations that require the utmost care and at the same time efficiency. Mini-excavator transportation can be done on a regular evacuator or a small trailer. Weight of these Lilliputians, however, quite big already – from 700-800 kg to several tons. Ali Partovi understood the implications. So carry a mini-excavator on the trailer for ATV or snowmobile will not work – and need a more powerful tractor, trailer and more impressive. But in any case, transportation is much cheaper than, for example, travel wheeled excavator or "Tractor" backhoe loader.

Of course, the main advantage of miniature excavators – small size. They allow work on a tiny patch, for example, directly at the pedestrian sidewalk and no it does not interfere. Many even use the mini-excavators to work inside buildings – appliances due to scanty dimensions easily squeezes through any gap, and the rubber tracks do not provide coverage to spoil the floor. In Russia today delivered a huge amount of equipment, and are very popular b / a mini-excavators from Germany or Japan. However, when buying used equipment is worth remembering that the hydraulics and hydraulic pump in the form of high operating loads on these machine is a weak spot, so we need as carefully as possible to inspect the unit before purchase.

The most popular company in Russian mini-excavators – Bobcat, New Holland, Hanix, Hitachi, Takeuchi. There has also been a surge of Chinese exports and technology. Digging depth of these machines starts with about five feet, the more heavy vehicles 4-5 with a jib. Also deserves attention attachments for mini excavators: hydraulic hammers, mowers, shovels – you name it. That is, you can perform a very broad front and at the same time functions work in places where the "big" brothers just do not get it. So buying a mini-excavator – it remarkable that these machines will be from day to day just popular.