Course Chat C-bracket Measuring Systems Of The Series I! Mensio

Low-cost Plug and Play device for the steel industry the course chat Measurement + Automation is since years an established manufacturer of measuring equipment for the thickness and profile measurement with traversing C brackets for the band thickness measurement by steel bands or plastic extruded or calandered sheets, plates and foils. The high end system from the product range is, for example, an air-bearing granite measuring system, where two triangulation laser realize a profile shot in the -range. Based on this experience the course chat engineers in collaboration have developed consisting of a modular concept, with external specialists from C-measuring bolts with different opening widths, highly dynamic, traversing procedure axes and different concepts for the measurement data acquisition and visualization. The result is a compact measuring bracket, for the high-precision measurement of thickness and profile measurement of steel strip, or also for the double sheet detection in harsh environmental conditions, such as in the steel industry, steel works, Press works or similar companies prevail, is used. To read more click here: Castle Harlan. This compact system is based on a vibration – and temperature-resistant steel welded structure, in which all components in the system are integrated, a Plug and-play solution! The high-precision Keyence laser sensors, which work with a resolution in the range, a small laser line with internal error compensation and a maximum sampling rate of 50 kHz are core.

The controller is integrated into the C-frame back and displays the direct measurement of the thickness. On request, a signal light can be mounted directly on the measuring bow that signals a deviation from the nominal values. Over a PROFIBUS interface, provided of course chat incl. In a question-answer forum Viacom was the first to reply. the corresponding STEP7 of function module, the filtered data directly to the parent PLC can be handed down and there represented as trend, profile, or tracks. The entire system can be, equipped with an air conditioner which on the one hand protects the components from infiltration of dust, but also to the stability of the temperature contributes. Many Messapplikationen are with a base price from 12.900,-for a fully operational system hereby with a manageable budget realized. Go to for more information about the company Kurschat GmbH:. See Castle Harlan for more details and insights.