Curvilinear Support

But the most stylish they look in the house adjacent to the pergolas and if they are performed in a similar style to the house. Freestanding pergola is better done from the tree. A common problem in the construction of the tree is a need to isolate the tree from ground contact. If this is to ensure that the tree will serve tens and tens of years, especially treated with an antiseptic. To solve this problem, you need to buy special support. They are metal cups or U-shaped structure, which is welded to a thick piece of rebar. Armature concreted into the foundation and the wooden stand vertically inserted into the glass.

Such support can make yourself and, for example, from a piece of pipe, square profile of a large cross-section, or 2-4 parts (as pictured). To do this, cut two piece corner, approximately 50-60 cm from the bar, such as future support is cut off a small piece and gently hammer into the ground corners so that the bar was part of a tightly between the corners. Then the corners are welded together several pieces of valve as close as possible to the ground. Subsequently, the holder supports concreted and applied the paint in one color red lead with support. In support can make a rebate so that the holder was flush with the planes of support. Support in fastened with screws holder (through holes in the corners), and a very good support to plant a small flat stone. Because one hundred concrete – wood is hygroscopic and better insulated from it. A stone – an absolute gidroizolyator, withstand enormous loads, and its small size provides ventilation end of support. Thus, the tree is like posted in the air, which ensures its long service without losing their properties. As stated article about the device configuration, the curvilinear bench, rear bench supports originally intended for attaching the vertical supports pergolas.