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The man can control those mechanisms, what can not is to eliminate the action of such mechanisms. Aphorism 39; four kinds of idols: 1 – tribe; 2. of the cavern; 3. of the Forum; 4. of the theatre. 1 – Has its foundation in human nature itself and the tribe. All perceptions, both the senses and the mind are in analogy with the man, not the universe.

2 – Are those of the individual man; each man has a single cavern; as a result of reading books or the authority of those that everyone respects and admires, or motivated by the diversity of prints. So that the human spirit is variable, subject to all kinds of disturbances. Heraclitus said that men seek science in their minor worlds, private and not in the greater universe. 3 – Because of trade and Association of men. The men are associated through the words. The word strength the understanding and it disrupts everything, leading men to thousand disputes and fantasies without any content. 4 – Because all the invented philosophical systems, until now there are so many other comedies composed and represented.

The problem of language: language is the way in which society imposes certain conditions to influence it. The society is the product of the language. Bacon concidera the method of his time stuck, and is responsible for the stagnation. Synthesis of Bacon: the aphorism 7, 8 and 9, criticizes State of knowledge, the 6 y7 aphorism comes to the centrality of the method; aphorism 11 & 12 criticizes the Aristotelian logic; 18, 19 and 26 aphorisms criticises the methodology applied to nature. I invite you to visitat the Digital Library of where you will find quality checked for your spiritual and personal development articles: sports, working out, health, computing, entertainment, languages and more.