Direct IMEI

We now have the opportunity to work with the firmware, we explain the basic commands. So, the team Boot, itself, means reading the firmware, but that its record and save to your computer, you should use a team of Read. Be sure you use this command, then to not be excruciatingly painful for needlessly killed by telephone. In order to fill in for the phone alternative firmware, you should use a team of Flash. However, do not forget that the firmware should be similar in their characteristics with the native, otherwise it may cause unwanted problems. But if for some reason you still are using a non-native firmware, you can try to recover your IMEI (which can be found on a sticker under the battery the phone) via the command Direct IMEI.

Sometimes, to solve some minor problems with phone (eg, light hang when reading the phone book or screen flicker in certain applications) can be used by resetting to the factory. This allows the team to Format. And to relieve the operator code team designed Unlock, although in our case, remove the code from this program, alas, failed. Let's look at a number of problems that can arise when working with the program. First of all, when the program does not determine the telephone. Most likely this indicates that the found wrong pinout. Methods of determination will be discussed below. You should also try to swap Rx and crocodiles Tx, or reset the processor phone to its original state.