Economic Policy

Application energy-saving lamps will save and redirected to other needs of releasing resources and power from energy savings, capacity, initial construction svetotochek on the streets with three or four-band movement will be a half times cheaper due to the possibility of using special optics and the supporting one side of the road, no maintenance costs and utilization for periods of up to four times exceeding the life cycle of tube technology. Have long known: energy conservation always costs and economics, and ecology of many times cheaper than an extensive way – building on its production, construction of new power plants, which require to produce more fuel, build mines, etc. According to the Ministry of Energy forecast for 2010, the country’s power plants will generate up to 181.8 GWh of electricity. At the same time the real demand for electricity will outpace supply, amounting to 189.6 gw in the “minimum” scenario and 203.7 gw in the script of “postindustrial transition.”

In this case, energy promise to keep up with growing electricity demand until 2015-2020. Until Russia will be the same energy-hungry. As said the head of the Department of Economic Policy of rao ues of Russia Igor , 12 years later the population spending on electricity can make a substantial part of costs and energy holding predicts rise in electricity prices in Russia on average almost three times in 2020. This will occur against the background of large-scale investment programs and the introduction of new environmental requirements. The main factors that impact on this process will be rapid increase in fuel prices, primarily natural gas.