Education Technology

Very interesting the new system of management of schools that the Secretariat of Education of some states, amongst which, Rio De Janeiro, comes making. By means of technological innovations the managers get information on all the schools of the state net, what he will facilitate the taking of directive decisions. He will be more easy to follow the profile of the pupils with respect to pertaining to school unit, group, note, number of lacks and results of approval and/or reprovao. Moreover, such are disponibilizados services as managing online; professor online and pupil online which information for the responsible director, professor, parents and/or of pupils, fast and practical form propitiate. Everything leads to believe that the technology now starts to be used for the education, that before already did not have a relation between school and technology, however, the educational system, amongst all the Brazilian institucional systems is what less it has advanced in technological operations.

We can perceive in our schools, how much the professor still demonstrates to have certain terror when facing a computer. Already the pupil, mainly new, presents a great privacy with the technology, whichever machine. The more advanced, more attractive. The lessons, exactly being planned, full well of posters do not attract in such a way how much a cellular device that music offers, camera, bluetooth, games and other things more than make any child or adolescent to be flying in the hour of the explanation of the professor. That is, the used technology in our schools really necessary to be innovated so that it can take care of to the necessities of the generation that today it frequents to the schools. Coming back to comment on the newness, we can affirm that at the moment that we will be with everything functioning, it will be much more pleasant parents to know that they will not need them more to face lines to obtain to register its children, beyond being able to work calm, knowing that exactly distant they will be able to follow the performance of its children in the school.