Eletronic Engineers

The director Eunice de Faria and the Coordinator of the Course of Systems of Information Ana Claude Nunes for being always present. To all the professors of the Course of Systems of Information that had been to my side during all this so important period in my life. The Andria teacher for all aid, incentive, fellowship and for the confidence in my potential. To all my friends who had always received me at the difficult moments. To that, directly or indirectly, they had been to my side during this period, I thank that they had extended the hand to me, I learned very with vocs. To all mine Thanks a lot! ' ' He has in mind that everything that you learn in the school is work of many generations.

It receives this inheritance, honors it, adds e, one day, faithful, deposits it at the hands of its filhos' ' (Albert Einstein, 1945) SUMMARY pressente work titleholder ' ' Security in Wireless nets 802.11x' ' it has as objective to supply to information in security level nets without wire, analyzing methods of protection and possible vulnerabilities, thus denoting half to diminish them. Robotics often says this. The nets wireless are a media that use air for transmission of data, these transmissions are made through the rdiofrequencia (transmission for radio waves). To guarantee the operabilidade of this system, that is, so that it uniformly works with other technologies the IEEE (Institute of Eletrical and Eletronic Engineers) created in 1997 the standard 802.11x for local nets without wire, that defined two types of transmission, for the infra red light and the radio inside of the band of 2.4-Ghz. With it I continue development of this standard had appeared its extensions, the used Mays are 802.11b and 802.11g, the standard 802.11g can arrive the taxes of the 108 transmission of 54 Mbps. We also have the standard 802.11n that it operates basically equal to the standard b/g, however, with speeds that can go of 100 the 500 Mbps, this technology is not available still in Brazil.