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Amdocs (NYSE: DOX), leader in the supply of systems directed to the experience of the consumer, announces that it was classified as supplying leader in prescription of global sales of OSS (Systems of Operational Support), systems of invoicing and services related in the report ' ' Worldwide OSS and Billing 2010-2015 Forecast and 2009 Vendor Shares1' ' , of the IDC. The classification of the IDC was based on prescriptions gotten from sales, having included sales of licenses of softwares for invoicing, attendance upon request, guarantee of service and prescription guarantee, beyond the services of consultoria, managed integration and services. The IDC classified the Amdocs as leader in these areas, with 10,9% of participation in the market. ' ' The systems of OSS and Invoicing are in the center of the operations of the companies suppliers of service of comunicao' ' , it affirms Elisabeth Rainge, vice-president of research of the area of Operations of Telecommunications of the IDC. ' ' The operators recognize that its capacity of to improve the time of launching of its products in the market and the experience of the consumer, beyond monetizar its resources, depends on its systems of OSS and invoicing. The suppliers that offer a deep knowledge of the processes of the sector and a great variety of professional services, beyond software systems, have a bigger possibility to develop more lasting partnerships with its clientes' '. ' ' The Amdocs possesss an only model business-oriented, that combines leader products of market with services of operational excellency. We are known by our enterprise solutions end-to-end, that they include arquitetados products open, commercial actions and better practical in services gerenciados' ' , it declares Rebecca Prudhomme, vice-president of products and solutions of marketing of the Amdocs.

' ' This combination allows in to offer them to the market more complex projects of transistion, with a lesser risk and commercial results melhores' '. 1 Worldwide OSS and Billing 2010? 2015 Forecast and 2009 Vendor Shares (IDC# 226284, December of 2010) On the Amdocs the Amdocs is a leader company in development of software and services for the operators of telecommunications and suppliers of content and offers a boarding integrated and innovative in its services. Its products, of raised cost-benefit and low risk, favor the creation of new businesses, in accordance with the necessities of the market, creating new prescription sources and increase of the profitability. The Amdocs is a global company with US prescriptions $ 3 billion in the fiscal year of 2010, possesss more than 19,000 employed and more than takes care of the customers in 60 countries around of the world. For more information, it visits: