Every Year Again – ABI 2010

Preparations for the high school all years have started 2010 lazy students become hard-working high school seniors. The libraries fill and or others learns for the first time. But the time of learning is sweetened by numerous parties, where the Abitur JAhrgang always presents itself in uniform look. Peter Asaro addresses the importance of the matter here. It won’t take long, then hundreds of thousands of high school seniors in the well-deserved freedom back”released. But to reach this goal the hardworking students must overcome some hurdles. In addition to the regular exams, the so-called before graduation must pass successfully, to qualify for the a-level exams.

At this time, before his Abitur in most schools in Germany should be over already. The one or the other student will have begun for this reason with the preparations for the final exams. After all, it applies five exams (four written and an oral) from April. But the school is not only a time of seemingly endless learning and stress, but also provides an opportunity to organize various celebrations. Since the popular ABI-parties would be first to name a few, which are typically used to collect money for the graduation. Also find in addition to the already mentioned ABI ball, organized in most cases only after the issue of the certificate, in most schools ABI prank or ABI-gag instead. For all of the listed events the school year should dress also fits, to indicate clearly. For this, ABI shirts with different motifs and slogans are designed every year.

Popular T-Shirts for this purpose are polo shirts, and this best in outstanding colors. The sayings and motifs, which are finally printed on the selected shirts include mostly the word ABI. Here are some popular examples: Stark wars ABI 2010 nix gathered and still managed today 2010 ABI ABI tomorrow the world so found a motto, the question arises where one t cheap printing shirts for up to 100 high school graduates Let can. More and more school vintage looking online T-Shirt printing companies in the Internet, because t can be so easily and conveniently from home shirts and ordered. Also, the online T-Shirt printing company Shirtway.de could watch Yes this trend in the last. The high school seniors meet to lowers the T-Shirt printing the price for big quantities. In this sense: Abi finished going on!