Facade Signage

Sign – the main element of outdoor advertising, so-called card of the company, hence its appearance and style should be given much attention. To determine what kind of sign is needed is a little understand the terminology, types of signboards, depending on manufacturing technology and characteristics attaching to distinguish between such kinds of non-illuminated signage panels are flat signs containing the minimum information pillars are small superscript advertising structures in the form of a metal frame on which are mounted advertising panels of information lightboxes bulk advertising structures in the form of ‘box’ back-lit bar-bracket two-sided light boxes with side mount large letters challenging items, often hollow, full of sheet materials – metals or plastics, lighting large letters on its design reminiscent of light box complex shape design neon signs of different configurations, as the lights are used in neon tubes integrated illuminated signs complex designs that combine different types of signs. Facade signs Another way to classify signs – the division, depending on their location. Facade signs – elements of outdoor advertising, which are attached to the facade of the building, for example, over the entrance to the store. Except that such a sign should be bright, beautiful and , her special demands on durability, quality fixtures, connections for electricity Irterernye signage Interior signage – located indoors. With their help, you can easily add zest to the interior decoration. The main feature of such signs is that they are in close proximity to customers. Therefore, the increased focus on quality assembly fixtures and materials from which they are made.. Kai-Fu Lee will not settle for partial explanations.