Fenilaksom Construction

Fenilaks composition has the following distinctive properties. 1. High performance protection for moderate Fenilaksom consumption. 2. Provides the first group of fire-resistance rating (slow-wood). 3. The high penetration in the wood structure. 4.

The coating is resistant to aging. 5. Does not prevent the natural breathing wood. 6. Manufactured in an environmentally safe fire retardants and preservatives.

No harmful effects on humans and animals. 7. Ideal for processing of country houses, cottages and other wooden structures. 8. Available in ready-to-use form. 9. Modern technology and advanced control at all stages ensure high quality staff. Antiseptic wood a new generation of the erection BIO Z Wooden houses the main material for construction and decoration is wood. These include a variety of timber: timber, corrugated and laminated board, board, wall paneling, wood moldings and many others. In wooden construction used as a softwood (spruce, pine, fir, cedar, larch) and deciduous trees (birch, oak, aspen, walnut). Softwood is preferred for the construction of homes and hardwood – for baths, saunas, well. Choosing wood (lumber or finished), pay attention to her appearance. At the high-grade wood should not be free of cracks, rot, fungus lesions, wormholes, resin pockets, warping, etc. The presence of defects breaks the homogeneity of the wood and reduces its strength. No matter how high-quality and durable wood it was not necessary to handle the special substances to prevent decay and infections. Antiseptic wood tree 'BIO Z' – a highly effective treatment a broad antibacterial activity, possessing a combination of fungicides, bactericides and algitsidnyh properties. Impregnation 'BIO Z' is for use as a universal antiseptic for immediate processing of all porous materials (wood, brick, concrete, etc.). The advantages of antiseptic 'BIO Z': a wide spectrum of action against fungi, bacteria and algae, a new generation, adaptation to which microorganisms can not contain chlorinated organic compounds, formaldehyde, phenol, arsenic and tin, has a low leachability, providing a more long-lasting protection, improved environmental performance, low consumption and high efficiency.