Freelance Journalist

As a freelance journalist and editor to find work, is now hard. Editor Jobs are scarce and far between. Many media is therefore the only way to break through as a freelance journalist and go on the prowl for purchasers. A defined pathway does not exist. A classic way to study journalism is a (Journalstik or a course of study such as politics and economics) with any subsequent internship at a newspaper, a radio or television stations, in an agency or an online service. Is required of it to call the freelance journalist to be allowed, but nothing. What counts above all in addition to talent, are awarded good contacts with media companies who accept orders or topic suggestions. Build yourself a good network, it takes sometimes years. Here is asking a lot of staying power. Freelance journalists working in two different ways. Many of her clients are already so well known that they play with ideas, themes and texts on it or finishedRadio and television reports to commission. For broadcasters, the free journalist often gets asked the camera crew and takes over the processing of a post. An employment contract with a particular company, it does not normally exist. Freelance journalists are self-employed as a rule, and make their work for their clients into account. The fee (eg line fee) will be agreed in advance. Nevertheless, journalists are usually free to fend for themselves. You do not have a regular vacation and collectively they can not get sick pay. Nor is the taxation of their income they need to take care of themselves. Many freelance journalists and editors have a firm contracting tribe and work as generalists. This means that they cover in the production of its contents a wide range of topics. Anyone who works as a freelance journalist, text, provides his articles usually by e-mail to the editors, takes care of further processing. Particularly good opportunities are freelance journalists. We have mainly freelance journalists withscience background (eg physics) in demand.