Higher Education East Mexico State

Linux Distribution Jarro Mexican Black and welcome to my surprise I found a Mexican Linux distribution, called Black Jug created by Mexicans for Mexicans. Sometimes the best projects are born where least expected one, this is the case with this Linux distribution. Black Jarro Mexican is a Linux distribution created in the College of Sciences and Humanities (CCH), campus Naucalpan, Estado de Mexico, the project has been developed by Armando Rodriguez Arguijo, who was a student of stock and currently student of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering of the UNAM, with Alberto Luebbert, Founding Member dela Linux User Group of Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl since 2005. Currently studying Systems Engineering at the Technology and Higher Education East Mexico State. The initial objective of the project was its use in SPARC server platform primarily based on scripts and LCosmos Muser project, currently a distribution can be used in any computer (PC), with the advantage that it works as a Live CD.

The latest version 2. 0. 0. includes the kernel 2. 6. 23. 8 compatible with Unionfs/Squash3, packaging JNP, change the installer, use the XFS file system and used as a graphic escritorioa Enlightenment; within this distribution can also find the following applications as Gimp, Firefox, gmplayer, Mencoder, Amsn, Xpdf, Xchat, cdparanoia, cdrecord, etc. The Black Jug Linux distribution does not require powerful hardware, so can you can take advantage of machines that meet these characteristics: 500Mhz x86 processor.