Higher Labor Supply

Races that are directly related to marketing and sales, medicine, engineering, legal and financial aspects, Informatics, programming and analysis, are which will have greater presence in the labour market, according to research from the bag of Trabajando.com employment. According to figures of the Employment Observatory, the Secretariat of labour and Social Welfare, medical career, while saturated, is that has highest percentage of graduates engaged in what were studied (91.4%). Followed by Psychology (74%), right (69.5%) and Administrative Sciences (68.5%). Degree in accounting, for example, at the end of 2010 about 10,000 people joined the workforce, and specialists in computers and software exceed the 320,000, when in 2005 had about 230,000 people working in this field. Last year there was a rise of 10% of the offers of work and for 2011, although unemployment rates remain high, perceived an improvement; small and medium companies are presented as the blasting of more jobs, mentioned in the report of the job search portal. Jose Garcia, doctor of education, and Deputy to the Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco (UJAT) academic, points out that jobs that could have an increase linked to the specialized use of social networks, and tasks of social responsibility and sustainability in enterprises.

Bloggers and Twitter which give follow-up to feedback from customers and experts in developing programs of linkage with society are prompted for. Surfing the Internet will not only be one of the most expansive work sources in the decades ahead, but it will become compulsory subject in schools, which will lead to new professional profiles, mentioned in the report of the working portal. Addresses or managers in information technology are within the better tabulated in the labour market, with posts that go beyond the 80,000 pesos, the reason is that the organizations will invest increasingly in having an optimum and safe handling of your information. No organization can give the luxury of having theft Ant in your data, or that their workers have problems with the network, and for those tasks are required of systems and Informatics experts, are graduates or young with technical training, says Garcia. Speaking of jobs, in particular, of increased demand in 2011 will be those related to marketing, telecommunications and computing process, says the general manager of Trabajando.com, Margarita Chico.

In the opinion of the academic of UJAT, other careers, such as human rights, entertainment, environment and management all linked with supply chains, although they are not of the most requested, yes are listed for a reason: there is very little supply and big demand. Other profiles with great projection, said the academic, are linked to the expertise in a field of knowledge needs living society. For example, in the area of health, the high percentage of older adults demand specialists in occupational therapy, nurses, radiologists, technicians in laboratory, among other topics.