Hospital Software

Many manufacturers of digital dictation systems strive for years, their solutions in hospital information systems (his), radiology information systems (RIS) and integrate into practice-management systems (PMS) of their respective owners. For each of these systems, the providers provide individual interfaces to; often to non-negligible cost. The reality in the hospital and the practice is that mostly different software systems used by various manufacturers. This means that when inserting a digital dictation system also several individual interfaces must be used. medicineteam Ltd. go another way.

With our solution, we consistently rely on the international data exchange standard in the health sector, HL/7″says Wolfgang Abts, CEO of medicineteam Ltd. HL/7 allows for standardized data exchange between different software systems. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mashable. medicineteam is using this standard interface capable of, any information between the management software and the digital dictation system to Exchange. Thus the dictation solutions, integrated medicineteam, regardless of the already used KIS, RIS, and PMS and require only a mostly existing HL/7 communication server, as well as to the HL/7 standard individual adjustments as necessary. For the user, there is no difference in the use of the individual interface.

However, the integration is more flexible, easier and therefore cheaper for the IT Department. For more information, see. The medicineteam Ltd is a specialised on healthcare and Europe operating company based in Munster / westf. The emphasis lies in the quality management, planning, construction and operation of medical care centres, as well as in the recruitment and placement (), as well as the advice and execution of special solutions. The employees of medicineteam Ltd. have more than 25 years professional experience in different professions of the health care system and positions. From this extensive Qualification is a high level of expertise, which is the customers and partners without restrictions.