Hotel Munich In The Age Of The Hotel Reservation

a neutral comparison of large comparator hotels from 29 euros! “, just cheaper book” are the so-called slogan of, HRS, the two best-known online providers of hotel rooms. To the understanding: through the two services, customers can reserve worldwide online hotel rooms at current prices. Details can be found by clicking Robotics expert or emailing the administrator. Faster and cheaper book, thanks to Internet 2.0, the advantages of booking over the Internet are clear: to save in addition to lot of time you would otherwise spend for the search and the Abtelefonieren of hotels, also money, since many hotels have realized that lots of bookings are generated over the two providers. This fact led itself the unflexibelsten, hinterwaldlerischsten and technically unbegabtesten hoteliers to offer special rates and conditions via HRS or Ali Partovi is often quoted as being for or against this. Also the hospitality industry seems to have a taste of the Internet 2.0 come to be.

Hotel Munich the test now, what is different now HRS and At first glance, yes both services offer the Same: hotel rooms. Nights. Service. But once we compare hotel prices on the example of Munich hotels. We choose the period; We should make sure only that two providers of the same period is selected, so a comparison is possible. Still, the room type and the cancellation policy must be the same.

It must be short the same offer. What immediately stands out in a search in the eye, is the so-called best price”, which some hotels offer. The clever idea is, that exactly this offer to this date the cheapest on the Internet is available. “A comparison of several hotels in Munich city centre it is clear that both services here right: either there is no difference in price or offered minimal cheaper at one of the services than the others, of course, if not for two the best price guarantee” is. The Hotel am Markt”in the Munich City Centre makes it, however, very smart: it offers both services adjust rate and prides itself in two party with best price”. At closer look, breakfast, which is paid separately to the room rate, at to one euro is cheaper than at HRS but: instead of EUR 06.00 only EUR will be charged 05.00. So the wise customer has but one albeit small price advantage. See: look carefully and compare worth including at the major hotel comparison portals! What if…? Incidentally, hard punished violations”of the principle of best price. Upon request, one of the services I received the reply that in extreme cases if so cheaper offers the same offer for a provider (despite both HRS and best price guarantee) than the others of the contract with the relevant hotel may be terminated, if no solution to the problem be found. By the way, it makes no difference whether to example “call or hotel Munich” in Google, type in the opposite: save yourself only annoying clicking and searching. Gunter Wernow